Try These Magical Tips to Boost Your Sex Drive (Women Only)

When it comes to revving up the lady engine, how many tricks do you really know? You may already enjoy some classic actions, eating chocolate and rubbing the bean, but over time these habits can become old and lose their spark.

Currently, sex experts are suggesting a store of new alternatives for juicing up your libido. Trying new methods can help crank up your sexuality and passion. Discover the ones that entice you!

1. Massage your nipples

Did you know that nipples are like a second clitoris? Yes, really! Similar to secondary sex organs, a woman’s nipples are super sensitive feel-good zones which can become aroused and erect when pinched or fondled.

Massage nipples to increase sex drive

According to an article written by Dr. Roy Levin and Dr. Cindy Meston in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 82% of women experienced a boost in sexual desire when being stimulated from their nipples. As your nipples become erect, your natural lube sources trickle down for the big show, preparing you to get off.

Massaging your nipples can be done by yourself or with the help of a partner. If you’re playing solo, you can lick your fingers or apply lube over your nipples and rub them. If you’re with a partner, they can suck on your nipples, creating unexpected patterns of stimulation.

The level of pressure applied when sucking or massaging is important for maximizing your pleasure. Some ladies love to be roughly stroked and squeezed, while others crave a gentle caress. Try out different massage combinations to explore the sensations that feel best for your body.

2. Red Wine

Mmmm, there’s nothing like some liquid courage to get your hormones racing. Yet, unlike other drinks, red wine specifically charges up your sex drive. Researchers believe that wines contains compounds that enhances sexual drive in women. Red wine makes your blood flow toward all your sensitive lady bits, getting you more excited than any other drink!

Red wine boost sex drive women

In addition to its stimulating powers, red wine also helps you relax and feel more sexually free. As the alcohol in wine releases your inhibitions, you can let go of your worries, allowing you to fall more deeply into the desires of your libido.

There’s also a level of romance and sensuality associated with wine. The smell, the taste, and texture all work together to create an erotic experience. Just make sure not to get too carried away with this delicious, but deadly juice. In this case, less is more. After about two, drinks, the less-desirable effects of the alcohol began to take hold. Before you know it, you’ll go for sexy to sickly, leading to a not so pleasurable experience… moderation is definitely key!

3. Eat Strawberries

They don’t just look yummy—strawberries also boost your sexual appetite! Eating a handful of raspberries or strawberries can help you get ready before getting into a steamy sex. These fruits are anti-oxidant rich, and they help stimulate blood flow to the sex organs.

Strawberries boost libido women

In Roman mythology, Venus, the Goddess of Love was often symbolized by the strawberry because of its shape and clitoral-red colour. So, in addition to looking sexy, they also heat things up in the bedroom!

Strawberries also sweeten up your mood. With their slight sugar index, they provide lovers with sustained energy levels at just a few calories. No wonder they’re considered the world’s most erotic food!

4. Change up your porn

Watching the same steamy porn flicks can get boring. Entice your senses with something a little different or perhaps a tad spicier. If your choices are usually around the ballpark of blowjobs or some standard lez action, it may be time to consider some different types of eye candy.

How to boost sex drive

Orgies or threesomes are a great genre choice to get the juices flowing. Since you’re viewing a variety of visual stimulation, your senses are being tantalized more intensely. You can also imagine that you’re a part of the fantasy, participating in the group fun, which can help push your libido level into overdrive.

You can also try watching story-based porn, which has become somewhat of a lost art over the years. Nevertheless, if you find a story that brings your hidden imagination to life, you’ll can get excited over all the naughty scenes and their thrilling settings.

It’s important what you are erotic to you. Maybe you’ve always fantasized about getting down and dirty on a farm, or thought about nursing some sexy, sweaty soldiers back to “strength”… Whatever your dreams may hold, the right porn story will awaken your deepest desires. Go for it!

5. Masturbate with a partner

Mutual masturbation is a hot sight for both of you. You’re both excited watching each other get off, but it’s even more exciting to see how they get turned on by your pleasure— the combined sexual energy keeps you both going strong.

Masturbate with a partner

Don’t be shy to show off your personal playtime. Most people consider masturbation a private affair, but it’s even better when shared! Celebrate your sexuality by spreading your legs and rubbing yourself in a well-lit room. The less hiding, the hotter! Use your fingers to spread your labia open, so they can savor all the little details.

You can also bring a vibrator to the show. Kiiro Onyx 2 masturbator makes a great guest star to heat things up even more. It’s super-sleek and packs an incredible 10 speeds, controlled by a single button, making it easy to build up power and hit the bullseye. Use it in front of your partner, letting them see you wiggle and moan all the way to your orgasm. And make sure not to hold back your sounds of pleasure—audio is huge turn-on, so crank up the volume!

6. Take a Whiff

Awaken your animal instincts with scent. It’s one of the most powerful triggers for your libido, attracting you more intensely to your partner. The desire comes from pheromones, the release of your partner’s personal brand of smell. When you take a whiff of this magnetic natural odor, your sexual impulses go wild. It’s simply a matter of chemistry!

This doesn’t mean you’ll be attracted to just any smell—a sweaty gym probably won’t get you hot. But the scent of your partner’s musk might just do the trick! When they come home from work or first thing in the morning, take a good sniff of all his manly ardor! His sweat can increase your level of arousal, according to a study in The Journal of Neuroscience.


Experiment with these techniques to find what drives your love machine! With so many fresh ways to juice up your engine, you’ll always feel oiled up and ready to cruise through your next hot moment!


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