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Hottest (Neglected) Erogenous Zones for Women to Increase Pleasure

Do you want to take sex to the supreme level? Locate the female erogenous zones and your sexual adventures will be unsurpassed.

When you familiarize yourself with the areas where the nerve endings are closest to her skin, sex will be even hotter. Her reaction will have you hot and horny, and she’ll lose herself in the sheer excitement you provide her with your fingers or anything else you have on hand.

Keep in mind all women are different so what arouses one won’t work for another but with communication and patience, you’ll discover where her magical orgasm button is.

Pleasure Zone 1: Her Lips

Erogenous Zones for Women

Sheril Kirshenbaum says our lips are the most exposed and underrated of all the erogenous zones.

The truth is when kissing is used as foreplay the ensuing sex is more intoxicating because it takes the participants to another level of awareness depending on its quality.

Using your lips and tongue to explore her body and find more sensual places on her generates a type of response that can only be described as electrifying.

A kiss can make or break a potential relationship. Don’t get filed under ‘bad kisser’ and friend-zoned by racing through it thinking you’ll get her in bed more quickly.

Take your time so both of you can get immersed in each other like you’re the only two people alive. If you’re not an experienced smoocher or you just need a refresher course, study the art of French kissing, so you’ll leave her wanting more of you.

Pleasure Zone 2: Her Neck 

The neck is an underutilized erogenous zone for women thought only to be popular with sex-crazed teenagers who mark their territory with hickeys. Most adult women don’t want you to suck their necks because it leaves marks so keep that in mind when you’re in this area. 

Ideally, when you plant your warm lips on her neck, it should spark a chain reaction of goose bumps, making her shiver slightly. Make sure to remember what she likes for the next session.

Start by applying light but firm kisses along the side of her neck, then pull her hair up at the back and start caressing her nape with your lips and tongue.

If she doesn’t stop you because tickling is like torture to her, start to use a lighter kissing technique. If things go well, try nibbling the side of her neck; it’s highly erotic and to some women, it plays into the erotic and forbidden vampire domination scenario.

Pleasure Zone 3: Her Nipples

Nipple sensitivity varies among women. Some like them to be gently caressed, licked and sucked while some like them pulled, pinched hard and twisted.

According to Health Line, the sensation from stimulating nipples feels the same as the feeling of increased blood flow to her clit and vulva during heightened sexual arousal. So communicate with your partner to make sure that the methods to awaken her nipples are pleasurable whether she’s into pain or not.

Some ways to make her nipples stand erect employ the use of fingers, tongue, teeth, lips, or even the head of your penis. Try these steps to get you started.  If her nipples aren’t that sensitive, and she wants a more intense sensation leading to a nipple orgasm try this accessory, which leaves you free to move on to another area to increase her chances of indulging in mind-blowing pleasure.

Pleasure Zone 4: Her Clitoris

The gold standard in erogenous zones for women is, of course, the clitoris boasting eight thousand nerve endings (give or take) that sends messages to the brain that the body is in a sexually aroused state. 

Have you ever heard of some women being so hyper sensitive they cum just by crossing their legs? It’s because of all those little neurotransmitters of pleasure packed into that fleshy little mound of joy.

What you see peeking out of its hood is only a quarter of how big a clitoris really is. The rest of its fleshy goddess is located inside her body.

Approach the clit gently because it’s full of nerves so don’t just start chowing down on it. Read this, so you are knowledgeable in the art of causing a female orgasm with your fingers, and so you’ll make her clitoris happy. When you’ve mastered the fingering technique, go ahead and use your mouth to bring her to the seventh heaven.

Pleasure Zone 5: Her G-spot

Guide to the Female Orgasm

The G-spot is a mystery, so much so that some people think it’s a fallacy. The gynecologist who discovered it, Ernst Gräfenberg, had scientists baffled for decades because they can’t figure out where it is according to his directions so don’t feel bad if it takes you a while to find it. 

Your efforts won’t go unnoticed because when this area is activated, the outcome is exhilarating orgasms, and the ability to cause female ejaculation or squirting so don’t give up!

Slip your fingers into the first one to two inches of her vagina. It’s at the top of the front vaginal wall and then between the vaginal opening and her urethra.

Make sure she takes a trip to the toilet before getting started in case she does pee, but if you’re into golden showers, you can skip that step. Be prepared for a geyser to erupt when you find it and whatever you do keep going until she tells you to stop!

Pleasure Zone 6: Her A-Spot

This female erogenous zone was discovered in 1993 by Dr. Chua Chee Ann, a Malaysian sexologist, sex therapist, and the ‘Christopher Columbus’ of the female libido.

He was looking for a way to help women overcome lubrication problems when he stumbled upon this little nugget that’s nestled near the G-spot. The doctor reports that if she is responsive to stimulating this area, her vagina will lubricate quickly, and she’ll be ready for penetration within one minute so pay attention boys!

While she’s on her back, use your fingers and follow the front wall of her vagina (facing her tummy) don’t go past the cervix (a long ‘tube’ that’s part of the uterus) because you’ll wind up back in G-spot territory.

If you have a long penis, try activating the A-spot with it or if your member is an average size go ahead and use one of these magical sex extenders. Have fun and use a combination of methods to make her shower you with orgasmic fluid.

Pleasure Zone 7: Her O-Spot

How to pleasure her like a pro

The O-spot is my personal favorite and trust me if you found the other spots, this treasure trove will be a breeze to discover. Lay her down on her back and penetrate her vagina with your fingers, and go past the A-spot. 

Turn your fingers down towards the floor until they touch the spongy flesh. Start exploring around the area with your fingers and watch her for signs she’s getting into it like when her eyes flutter and roll back in her head.

Having long digits and a John Holmes sized penis is a bonus but not necessary because there are an array of erotic toys that will do the job for you like this dildo and don’t forget to buy lube to make the insertion smoother.

If your partner prefers a more organic approach and she doesn’t care about props, try this position.  Careful, though, once she tries this one out you might never get back on top again so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

How to Pleasure Her like A Pro (Crazy Techniques for Men)

You don’t need to be Zeus in bed to make her see the heavens, but you can convince her you’re a decent Demi-god. But being a Titan in the sack is no easy feat. As any good Spartan knows, it takes skill, practice, and bravado to conquer all—it’s just about knowing how to wield your “sword.”

So, if you want to reach Olympian status as a great lover, follow these expert tips to pleasure her like a pro. Just be careful— when you’re that good, girls who get pierced by Cupid’s rock-hard arrow can become uncontrollably addicted. Watch out!

1. The Warmup Session

Why do women need it?

Unless she’s just a tart who wants to be mercilessly banged, the art of seduction is key to being a good lover. We’re talking about erotic, passionate maneuvers—things that girls with pickier sexual appetites love. How you feel them is everything. The idea is to get her all fired up and excited by you.

How to pleasure her like a pro

If you simply rush to giving her the old in-out, she’ll have no time to heat up, and the results will be sub-par at best. Unless she’s one of those girls who can get off like a man, at the switch of a button, you’ll need to work harder for her pleasure.

Think about it this way: would you shove a frozen turkey into an oven? No, you’d let it thaw first, then season it with love, then expose it to all that fiery hot goodness to get juiced up and yummy. Get the picture? Yes, the girl is the turkey.

But, nobody’s saying you have to do all that lovey-dovey stuff you see in the movies. That’s not the golden ticket. So, there’s no need to gaze in her eyes or any of that sappy jazz.

But a few sensual kisses on the earlobe or even an old school massage does wonders. You can even use chocolate or caramel flavored massage oils to help get her in the mood—the ladies go nuts for this stuff. You must arouse their sexual appetite

2. How to get her started

Getting her off is part intuition and part skill. You should be able to naturally respond to her oohs and yeses while knowing how to satisfy her desires. When you find your groove, as you’re making out, tickle and rub your fingers over her body, focusing your attention along her inner thighs and outer labia (the larger lips).

There are actually tons of nerve endings around the labia that feel sensational for her when rubbed. “From the outermost to the innermost part, you get increasing nerve density and increasing sensation,” says lead study author Justine Schober, M.D., director of academic research at UPMC Hamot in Pennsylvania. Doing this will get her really hot and bothered from all the teasing, building up anticipation for what’s to come.

3. Help her Focus on the Moment

It’s no secret that most girls are crazy. Beautiful, but crazy! They’ve got a million thoughts, questions and concerns running through their heads at once. And no, this whirlwind of crazy doesn’t stop for sex. It’s constant and stubborn, like a cuckoo stalker.

Unfortunately, these distractions can put a damper on her arousal level. Research shows that a woman is more likely to climax when the brain’s anxieties are literally shut off, explains Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D., author of The Truth About Sex.

So, how do you get her to focus? Surprisingly, it’s not too hard. You can actually use a few subtle physical cues to help redirect her attention. Gently hold her face in your palms as your kiss her, encouraging her to unwind and melt into the moment with you. Before you know it, the only thing she’ll notice are the sensations of your bodies jiving together… Aaaaand you’re back in the game!

4. The Power of Fingers

Guys with magic fingers make the best orgasm magicians. But to make a climax appear as your next trick, you’ll need to touch her properly. This means you should make every motion count—so no half-doing it, she needs the whole shebang!

Start by fiddling around her nether regions to see if she’s wet—if not, you didn’t do a good enough job warming her up. Back to square one, bro! If she seems ready, start by fondling her inner labia and the clit, until the area becomes nice moist and toasty.

But don’t slip in your fingers yet! Women love to be teased. Once she seems like she’ll do anything for it (poor girl), you can slowly slide in for the kill, the G-spot take over!

The G-spot is located about 2-3 inches inside the vagina, at the front wall. To narrow in on the hotspot zone, enter with two fingers and your palm facing up.

Press your fingertips against the middle of the vaginal wall and rub the area using a come-hither motion. “You’re seeking a spongy, puckered, or slightly ridged area, like the roof of your mouth,” explains Celeste Hirschman, assistant professor at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

Once you’re in there, continue to rub the area with a tender and sensual touch. Don’t just try to shove in all your digits and finger-bang her relentlessly because you saw it in some obscure porno—unless of course, she’s down for that kind of thing. Just ask first.

It can also be beneficial to use lube to make things wetter. The Adam & Eve Lube is super-slippery, providing slick strokes she’ll love! You can also use it with toys, condoms, and other items, maximizing every moment of fun.

5. Swivel Like You Mean It

Like any smooth operator, you’ve got to work on her pleasure like a skilled specialist. Even if you’ve got huge operating tools, sex still requires some level accuracy.

To get right on target, when she’s underneath, you can grab her booty to lift her and pull her onto you. This maneuver will penetrate her at the best angle to hone in on the O zone. Looks like we’ve made a successful point of contact, soldier!

Doggy style also works wonders for the G- Spot. While at it, encourage her to get onto her elbows. This simple act lifts her pelvis in a way that your main guy hits the G-spot with it thrust

Cock rings can also step up your game, making an excellent wingman in the sack. Try the BASICS Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring which features quivering rabbit ears to provide intense clitoral pleasure while you’re giving it to her (doubly explosive).

Now really, who needs Prince Charming when she’s got an expert G-Spot marksman on her radar?


Guys don’t get coined the name, “sex god” for nothing. Earn the title like a champ with these steamy tricks, overwhelming her with your Zeus-like lightning bolt… yes, show her who’s boss of the bed. Just know that we’re not responsible for any stage 9 clingers that may result from your new-found skills.

How I Make Her Cum Fast: The No-Fail Guide to Female Orgasm

Making a man cum is pretty easy. Making a woman cum is not. A woman’s sexual anatomy is more complicated than ours, so it’s important to first figure out how things work down there and use this knowledge to deliver an orgasm. A real one.

You see, according to statistics, women fake orgasms for many reasons. Recent studies have found women fake to get already dismal sex over with and to keep her man from straying. So first and foremost, let’s make sure she doesn’t have to fake it, alright?

We can do this by learning about her body. It’s this knowledge that will set us apart from the legions of men who insist they’re legends in the sack but have really just been fooled by a woman’s acting skills.

Be the rarity who took the time to learn what she likes instead of getting your education from porn, which is merely entertainment and not at all an educational platform. Trust me, the porn stars I’ve interviewed agree: porn should never be viewed as education. Ever.

The knowledge offered below is what’s been found effective for most women. But of course, like men, all women prefer different things and it’s your job to get better acquainted with her body and communicate these likes and dislikes.

In the meantime though, it’s safe to say she will be in good hands (your hands) by committing to the following techniques — all of which work perfectly fine on their own but have the ability to be even more effective when cleverly combined.

1. G-Spot stimulation (Foreplay)

If you want to build arousal prior to penetration, a good way to do so is by stimulating her G-Spot with your hand.

make her cum fast

Entering palm up, reach two inches inside the vagina until you find a ridge-like area on the upper wall. Here, you’ll perform a “come hither” motion with your fingers. Switch things up a bit, of course, but know that this motion is the best way to stimulate the G-Spot, so revisit it as often as you can.

If the G-Spot is tough to find, continue with this motion. The G-Spot expands as she becomes more aroused.

2. G-Spot Stimulation (Intercourse)

Most positions hit the G-Spot, but some hit it better than others. Without having to differentiate between the two, here are the positions best for G-Spot stimulation:

Doggystyle: This is by far the best position for G-Spot stimulation and it’s fairly well-known but in case you’re unfamiliar here’s how it’s done, just have your partner get on her hands and knees and enter her from behind then penetrate.

Legs Up: Start in standard missionary and lift your partner’s legs so that her ankles rest on your shoulders. By lifting her legs, you allow for deeper penetration and more contact with the G-Spot.

Woman On Top: Lean up against your headboard with some liberator sex pillow behind your back so that your body’s at a 45-degree angle. Have your lady straddle you, with one leg on either side of your hips. If this angle doesn’t work, try sitting up or leaning back more. Find which angle works best for you two.

3. Clitoral Stimulation

Hitting the clitoris during intercourse is much more difficult than it is to hit the G-Spot. As such, we’re choosing positions that best hit the clitoris but also allow either you or her to stimulate the clitoris while penetrating.

Coital Alignment Technique: Start in the missionary position with you between her legs and maneuver yourself so that your pelvis is slightly higher on her body that it is during missionary. In this position, she should grind instead of thrust. By changing the alignment of her pelvis, your pubic bone rubs up against her clitoris. This is something she’ll like very, very much.

Tight Doggy: Like I mentioned above, traditional doggy has the man’s legs in between hers, but in this variation, place your legs outside of hers and make sure hers are held together. This creates a tighter fit, therefore making it more likely to hit the clitoris. If not, reach around and stimulate it for her.

X Marks The Spot: With your partner on her back and your pelvises at the same height, lift her legs, cross them at the ankles and rest said ankles on your shoulders. Enter her and you will find that there is a much tighter fit and that you have much easier access to her clit.

4. Indirect Clitoral Stimulation

This is a technique I learned reviewing, a wonderful paid website dedicated to educating audiences on the female orgasm.

A technique I found particularly effective is called “layering.” This technique means applying indirect pressure to the clitoris through its surrounding skin — something two out of three women get more pleasure from, according to research conducted by the website.

An effective layering technique is hilariously called: The Clit Sandwich. To prepare the said sandwich, use the skin alongside the clitoris to apply pressure to the sensitive clitoris (the skin on either side represent the bread, for visual purposes) and can be done through the panties if you’re so inclined.

Easy enough, right? If not, there’s an even easier technique to apply and that’s sliding your fingers over the clitoral hood (not the clitoris itself) when it’s wet.

5. Sex Toys

Some guys feel threatened by sex toys, and I get it. These things were created for sexual pleasure so there’s a slight chance they may outperform us. But they don’t, that’s just silly. Instead of viewing a toy as a nemesis, see it instead as an ally, a tag-team partner.

Best Vibrating Panties Reviews

Vibrating Panties (Click here to read review)

If you’re a tad reluctant of this prospect, perhaps this will help. Research from the infamous Kinsey Institute found that women who masturbate with vibrators experience higher levels of desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasm. Kind of tough to disagree with, isn’t it? 

6. Lube

Haven’t had sex with lube? Give it a shot, trust me on this. Research out of Indiana University found that women who use lube report significantly more sexual satisfaction than those who forgo the slippery stuff.

Guide to female orgasm

The study surveyed 2,453 women, each of which was assigned one of six water- or silicone-based lubricants during either intercourse or a solo session. The study ultimately found both lubes were better than no lube. So there you go. I recommend Wicked Sensual Care.

5 Exciting Health Benefits of Sex That You Should Know

It’s rare that feel-good things are actually good for you. Thank our lucky stars that sex is one of them! Not only is it fun, but its health benefits are the cherry on top.

Amazing for you, both mentally and physically, it’s nature indulgent way of letting us live long, happy lives.

In fact, many recent studies show that people who have more sex tend to be healthier, says Jennifer Bass, head of information services for the Kingsley Institute. Curious about how? Read on to discover five of the best health benefits of sex.

1. Let’s get Sexercise

While sex will never be a legit workout class (creepy), it’s equal to your average kickboxing lesson or weight training. Surprising? Well, depending on the position, you’re actually getting a great muscular workout.

From all the releasing and contracting of your muscles, your body is getting toned,” explains Patti Britton, Ph.D., author of The Art of Sex Coaching and past president of the American Association of Sexuality Educators.

Everything is being used– your arms, butt, legs and especially your core muscles. To get the best toning payoff, you can burn some extra calories by being the heavy lifter. Try positions that force you to put in more work.

You can ride out the burn with some extra pleasure-boosting toys. The Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator is perfectly compact, enabling you to stimulate your clitoris without getting in the way while you’re busy bumping around.

It makes the best team-player for a sexy workout, as its small enough to sneak into the scene, yet powerful enough to catapult you to climax in minutes.

2. Look Younger

Looking for a way to kick-start your anti-aging routine? Start with sex! According to a study conducted by Dr. David Weeks, leading an active sex life makes older men and women look younger than their actual age.

Health Benefits of Sex

Sex minimizes stress, strengthens your heart and sweats out toxins, creating the ultimate death squad for aging. But you don’t need to be jumping in the sac every night to enjoy these youthful effects!

In fact, during Dr. David’s research, he found that the quality of the sex was more important than quantity. This means that making love with all your mojo is better than going for the quickie. But hey, different folks have their preferences…literally!

To enhance the quality of your sex, you can try the Booty Boot Camp Training Kit. Letting you prepare for the hottest anal training sessions of your life, the Adam & Eve’s Booty Boot Camp Training Kit is the best way to intensify your sex life.

The kit comes with three graduated plugs, allowing you to start small and slowly increase your level of play until you’re an expert. You’ll slide off the years, one drop of lube at a time.

3. Feel Happier

Health Benefits of Sex

Like anything else that gets your heart racing, sex is the best happy drug of all. Releasing positive chemicals from your brain that boost your levels of serotonin – the mood-lifting hormone – you’ll be grinning in no time. Isn’t that some good reason to sex daily? I know, but wipe that silly smile!

The more frequently you have sex, the happier and more relaxed you’ll feel. In fact, women who are married or dating are less likely to fall into depression compared to women who don’t get the dick quite often.

This is based on a study carried out by psychologist Gordon Gallup who studied nearly 300 women. According to Gallup, women who had sex more frequently were a lot happier, and he attributed this to the possibility of sex containing mood-boosting hormones.

Obviously, whoever said money can buy happiness never spent enough time between the sheets! Worried you might not be in the mood? There are tons of natural solutions out there to help get your juices flowing.

A popular remedy is taking a multivitamin or libido-boosting pill which naturally enhances your desire. The Naughty Couples Sexual 1st Aid Kit comes with supplements, lube and even a stash of condoms—now it’s a party!

4. Helps Keep Your Immune System Powering

Try replacing your dose of cold meds with sex. It’s naturally and delectably effective! People who have more sex have stronger immune systems, allowing their body more resilient against germs, viruses, and other intruders. Apparently, an orgasm a day will definitely reduce the number of trips to the doctor.

Guide to the Female Orgasm

Sexually active people rarely take sick leave,” says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D. a sexual health expert. Think of everything you can accomplish with a better bill of health!

To keep up a healthy sexual appetite, you and your partner can get more creative during your bedroom boogie. Instead of toys, switch things up and try a sex-enhancing lotion. The Like a Virgin Tightening Pleasure Gel makes you feel touched for the very first time. Enjoy a temporary tightening of the vagina walls, making the friction steamier for both of you.

5. Sleep like a baby

Do you know what makes her sleep like a toddler? Perhaps the herbal tea remedies aren’t cutting it, and you’re eager for some better solutions.

Sex can help, especially if your sleep issues are related to anxiety or stress. “People having frequent sex often report that they handle stress better,” says Dr. Ebanks. ” After an orgasm, people can experience a strong sense of relief, which allows them to completely relax.

Many couples who’ve tried this steamy remedy report that they sleep more deeply and peacefully after a fulfilling session of lovemaking.

You can send yourself even deeper into la la land by working on the quality of your sex. Experiment with different types of lubes or toys to maximize the power of your orgasm. For many couples, cock rings are making a huge comeback, loved for its ability to create shared climaxes.

Sex coach, Sarah Fairbourn recommends the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Cock Ring. Slide the two stretchy rings over his manhood for an instant boost, then activate the vibrations for major clitoral teasing during sex. It’ll be the best sleep therapy you ever tried.

Enjoying a healthy sex life is one of life’s greatest pleasures. All thanks to the person who made this startling discovery. Kick start your health by having super-satisfying sex and finding new ways to improve your routine. Ready? Set. Bang!

Try These Magical Tips to Boost Your Sex Drive (Women Only)

When it comes to revving up the lady engine, how many tricks do you really know? You may already enjoy some classic actions, eating chocolate and rubbing the bean, but over time these habits can become old and lose their spark.

Currently, sex experts are suggesting a store of new alternatives for juicing up your libido. Trying new methods can help crank up your sexuality and passion. Discover the ones that entice you!

1. Massage your nipples

Did you know that nipples are like a second clitoris? Yes, really! Similar to secondary sex organs, a woman’s nipples are super sensitive feel-good zones which can become aroused and erect when pinched or fondled.

Massage nipples to increase sex drive

According to an article written by Dr. Roy Levin and Dr. Cindy Meston in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 82% of women experienced a boost in sexual desire when being stimulated from their nipples. As your nipples become erect, your natural lube sources trickle down for the big show, preparing you to get off.

Massaging your nipples can be done by yourself or with the help of a partner. If you’re playing solo, you can lick your fingers or apply lube over your nipples and rub them. If you’re with a partner, they can suck on your nipples, creating unexpected patterns of stimulation.

The level of pressure applied when sucking or massaging is important for maximizing your pleasure. Some ladies love to be roughly stroked and squeezed, while others crave a gentle caress. Try out different massage combinations to explore the sensations that feel best for your body.

2. Red Wine

Mmmm, there’s nothing like some liquid courage to get your hormones racing. Yet, unlike other drinks, red wine specifically charges up your sex drive. Researchers believe that wines contains compounds that enhances sexual drive in women. Red wine makes your blood flow toward all your sensitive lady bits, getting you more excited than any other drink!

Red wine boost sex drive women

In addition to its stimulating powers, red wine also helps you relax and feel more sexually free. As the alcohol in wine releases your inhibitions, you can let go of your worries, allowing you to fall more deeply into the desires of your libido.

There’s also a level of romance and sensuality associated with wine. The smell, the taste, and texture all work together to create an erotic experience. Just make sure not to get too carried away with this delicious, but deadly juice. In this case, less is more. After about two, drinks, the less-desirable effects of the alcohol began to take hold. Before you know it, you’ll go for sexy to sickly, leading to a not so pleasurable experience… moderation is definitely key!

3. Eat Strawberries

They don’t just look yummy—strawberries also boost your sexual appetite! Eating a handful of raspberries or strawberries can help you get ready before getting into a steamy sex. These fruits are anti-oxidant rich, and they help stimulate blood flow to the sex organs.

Strawberries boost libido women

In Roman mythology, Venus, the Goddess of Love was often symbolized by the strawberry because of its shape and clitoral-red colour. So, in addition to looking sexy, they also heat things up in the bedroom!

Strawberries also sweeten up your mood. With their slight sugar index, they provide lovers with sustained energy levels at just a few calories. No wonder they’re considered the world’s most erotic food!

4. Change up your porn

Watching the same steamy porn flicks can get boring. Entice your senses with something a little different or perhaps a tad spicier. If your choices are usually around the ballpark of blowjobs or some standard lez action, it may be time to consider some different types of eye candy.

How to boost sex drive

Orgies or threesomes are a great genre choice to get the juices flowing. Since you’re viewing a variety of visual stimulation, your senses are being tantalized more intensely. You can also imagine that you’re a part of the fantasy, participating in the group fun, which can help push your libido level into overdrive.

You can also try watching story-based porn, which has become somewhat of a lost art over the years. Nevertheless, if you find a story that brings your hidden imagination to life, you’ll can get excited over all the naughty scenes and their thrilling settings.

It’s important what you are erotic to you. Maybe you’ve always fantasized about getting down and dirty on a farm, or thought about nursing some sexy, sweaty soldiers back to “strength”… Whatever your dreams may hold, the right porn story will awaken your deepest desires. Go for it!

5. Masturbate with a partner

Mutual masturbation is a hot sight for both of you. You’re both excited watching each other get off, but it’s even more exciting to see how they get turned on by your pleasure— the combined sexual energy keeps you both going strong.

Masturbate with a partner

Don’t be shy to show off your personal playtime. Most people consider masturbation a private affair, but it’s even better when shared! Celebrate your sexuality by spreading your legs and rubbing yourself in a well-lit room. The less hiding, the hotter! Use your fingers to spread your labia open, so they can savor all the little details.

You can also bring a vibrator to the show. Kiiro Onyx 2 masturbator makes a great guest star to heat things up even more. It’s super-sleek and packs an incredible 10 speeds, controlled by a single button, making it easy to build up power and hit the bullseye. Use it in front of your partner, letting them see you wiggle and moan all the way to your orgasm. And make sure not to hold back your sounds of pleasure—audio is huge turn-on, so crank up the volume!

6. Take a Whiff

Awaken your animal instincts with scent. It’s one of the most powerful triggers for your libido, attracting you more intensely to your partner. The desire comes from pheromones, the release of your partner’s personal brand of smell. When you take a whiff of this magnetic natural odor, your sexual impulses go wild. It’s simply a matter of chemistry!

This doesn’t mean you’ll be attracted to just any smell—a sweaty gym probably won’t get you hot. But the scent of your partner’s musk might just do the trick! When they come home from work or first thing in the morning, take a good sniff of all his manly ardor! His sweat can increase your level of arousal, according to a study in The Journal of Neuroscience.


Experiment with these techniques to find what drives your love machine! With so many fresh ways to juice up your engine, you’ll always feel oiled up and ready to cruise through your next hot moment!