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Best Sex Positions for Fat People to Try Today (For Big Girls)

Being a plus size shouldn’t rob you the enthusiasm to have fun.

Whether you are overweight or have a high body mass index, there is greater room to enjoy sex with your partner.

In most relationships where one or both partners are overweight, partners face dilemma on how to approach lovemaking without making the other partner offended. Talking about the best sex positions for fat people that you can try can help make both partners comfortable.

The good thing about these sex positions is that they are comfortable and safe for both partners. Agreeing on the appropriate sex positions that both partners approve could mean saving a dying relationship.

In this article, we talk about the multiple sex positions to spice up sex and for enhanced organisms that you can try. We also mention assistive equipment and furniture that you can incorporate in your lovemaking to make it even more fun.

5 Best Sex Positions for Fat People for Better Penetration

1. Reverse Cowgirl position

The reverse cowgirl is a rarely utilized position especially with plus size people.

This sex style offers an awesome view for the man and it increases penetration to the right spots for orgasm.  

Place a sex pillow or cushion under the man’s buttocks while the girl kneels on a pillow to enable seamless up and down movement during sex. The penis is also elevated to give the best penetration angle to the partner’s G-spot.

This position is also recommended for males with a 5-inch penis or less since it improves penetrations to a greater extent but removing “obstructions” that may stand in the way of great sex.

2. The Elevated Doggy Style

Doggy style is one of the most popular sex positions for couples. What you do not know is that overweight partners can also incorporate it into the routine to stimulate the erogenous zones.

One variation of the doggy style position that overweight couples can try is by incorporating a wedge sex pillow. Let the female partner kneels and lean on the sex pillow, while the male partner kneels behind the female partner from behind. This position is comfortable and increases penetration significantly.

The elevated doggy style position gives the man greater control and a better view of the other partner. If both partners are comfortable with BDSM, they can engage in wild exploration such as hair pulling and spanking during sex to spice up the pleasure.

While this sex position can still work without a wedge sex pillow, adding a sex pillow into the activity helps save the female energy by giving a comfortable place to lean on for better thrusting. In the absence of a pillow, the female partner would be on all fours, and would get tired quickly on the continuous thrusting and weight of the male partner.

Therefore, the wedge pillow saves energy, and both partners use less energy during sex, and can go for several rounds of sex. It is a comfortable position is partners want to go wild and explore BDSM erotic activities.

3. Legs on Shoulders Position

This is one of the best sex positions for fat people who want to try a whole new sex  experience and get stimulated. 

In this position, the male partner can use the penis to stroke the clitoris before actual penetration to trigger sexual arousal.  

For increased satisfaction, we recommend adding a liberator sex pillow to hold the female partner’s weight when she leans on her back with legs up. A wedge sex pillow can also work, but it can be a little uncomfortable if she stays on her back for too long.

To try this position, let the lady lie on the liberator sex pillow on her back while facing upward. This position elevates the butt to allow easy penetration for a mind-blowing sex. The male partner then goes down on his knees between the legs of the female. The male partner should then place his partner’s legs on his shoulders ready for activity.

For more arousal, she can place the legs in a V-split position to give more room for penetration while the man provides support for the legs to help reduce fatigue. This position allows him to penetrate to thrust comfortably while both partners enjoy painless sex with greater stimulation.

While at it, there is high chances of G-spot and clitoris stimulation, which prepares both partners for orgasm. G-spot stimulation is rare occurrence for most women, and it requires skill and patience to know the right spots and exploiting them for an explosive orgasm.

4. The Sling Position

While this position sounds ratchet, it’s a safe sex position that even overweight couples can try. However, it does require some bit of skill to find the right position that both partners are comfortable with. It also offers crazy penetration experiences.

For this position, you need a durable and strong sling that can hold her weight comfortably. This position starts with the female mounting the sling to support them from the bum to the back for a comfortable swing during sex. The legs and hands are also supported to allow splitting the legs apart.

This position allows the man adjust the sling to the perfect angle that matches their standing position. Once the right angle is obtained, the male partner can thrust with every swing while splitting the other partner’s legs apart for greater penetration.

The sling should be hang from a strong objects such as the door, ceiling or home gym frames.

5. Using Assistive Household Furniture

Great sexual experiences lurk inside and outside the bedroom, encouraging couples to get creative.

There are plenty of household furniture that can assist overweight couples to have great orgasms without too much hustle, as long as both partners are comfortable with the activity.

Some of the household furniture that you can incorporate include the kitchen step stool, kitchen sink, sofa, office chair and desk, etc. The sofa offers a perfect spot for a quickie or even several rounds of the same dose. However, be gentle on the furniture to prevent breakages.

The female can lean forward on one arm rest and splitting their legs for a doggy style position. This position helps them relax and get less fatigued than when there is no support. The man then approaches from behind, thrusts slowly to avoid causing discomfort.

The kitchen step stool helps the female raise one leg giving room for easier penetration while the man thrusts from behind in the doggy style position. Using the kitchen sink to support the lady comes in handy too for a prolonged episode and great sex experience.

Is a 7 Inch Dick Big, Really Big or Just The Average Size?

“No way you’re getting that thing in me”

“This is a monstrous python cock”

“That could certainly fill me up”

These are some of the reactions that men get when their sex partners see their 7 inches dick.

For some ladies, a 7 inch penis is perfectly fine and it’s an upgrade of the 5-inch penis size that they are used to. The penis fills up really well and they can feel that there is something sturdy inside there.

However, for other ladies, a 7 inch dick is just too big to swallow. Actually, some ladies say that this penis size is almost the size of a beer bottle and it does really hurt during lovemaking.

The question that men are asking is, is a 7-inch average, really big or just too common?

Here is the truth:

A 7-inch is above the average penis size for adult men, and men with this size are in the rarest territory.

A study by the Kinsey Institute found that 1% of dicks in the sampled population were larger than 7 inches but lower than 8 inches. According to this study, men with a 7 inch dick have a penis size that is large than approximately 91% of the male adult population.

Also, depending on the location, the 7 inch could fall into the average or a little above the average penis size. For example, adult men in Australia are endowed with a bigger manhood, and have an average penis size of 6.9 inches. That puts a 7 inch penis a little higher than the average penis size in this location.

For most ladies and gay men, the 7 inch is the dream penis size. It is big enough than the average penis size and it fills up really well. Plus, it is not really humongous to cause pain and discomfort during sex.

If you are a 7-inch guy, this does call for a celebration and you get the exclusive bragging rights to your sex partners, potential hookers and even friends that you are well endowed. Remember, this does not mean that you should go bragging. Right?

What 7-incher Men Say about Their Size

Most 7-inches men are satisfied with their penis size, because it is likely that some sex partners will never see a penis size as big as this. This penis size is in the 1% of penis sizes, and rare to find in most locations.

Here is what men on Reddit had to say about their 7-inch penis size:

I have had 4 partners, 3 of them had been with others before. The most common reaction I got was being surprised when I entered them, because I am most definitely a grower. The one that was the strangest was my first had a short vagina”                                                                                                                                                                      CelestialStock

I have only been with one girl and she absolutely loves it, she tells me quite often how nice of a bonus it is and such. According to her I fill her "literally 100% full". I love this girl and her genuine enthusiasm.”


Last night i had a girl tell me I was the biggest she's ever been with. She was begging to look at my dick after sex. I had to stop and switch positions multiple times because it hurt her too much. A few weeks back I had another girl tell me I filled her all the way up and that's only happened to her once before. Both times girls have complimented my size. HUGE confidence booster!”


“Typically get called big or large, NY current partner was pleasantly surprised when I got naked. A different girl I was with, we had to stop early because I kept I guess going too far and it hurt her. The other 7 or so partners for PIV have made slight or no comment. Skill is more important than size though and I get commented more on skill than I do size”


“Then there was a petite girl, and I mean petite who couldn't get over that the length was 3 of her hands stacked upon each other. But she was great in bed. The Latvian was the worst person ever she flat out refused to have sex and said it was way too big. The last one was an Italian who gave up 45minutes or so in. She had been around town plenty of times but never encountered someone like myself and she did literally say the following. “I’m sorry but you have the biggest cock I've ever had and I know that's probably a compliment but I honestly cannot take it anymore."


What are the Best Sex Positions for a 7-inch Penis?

The ideal sex positions for a 7-incher boils down to compatibility with your partner. If your partner is comfortable with the above average penis size, it means that she will be comfortable in any sex position you try. Be it doggy style, cowgirl sex position or legs on shoulders. If you are overweight, check these sex positions for overweight people.

If you have difficulties penetrating your partner, there is a chance that she will experience painful sex and may end up tearing up. The idea sex position in this case if the position that gives her more control on the depth of penetration so that she can adjust when the penis goes too far.

You can add sex furniture such as liberator sex pillow to make things even more comfortable for both partners. Some ideal sex positions in this case would be woman on top, cowgirl, spooning, etc.

A 7-inch Dick is my Dream Size: How Can I Get It?

If you are 5 inches or thereabouts, you can get a bigger penis with some bit of exercises. One of the methods we recommend is jelqing exercises, where you put your hands to work over a period of time. For this method to work, you need to be consistent with the exercise, and practice caution not cause harm to your manhood.

An alternative to jelqing exercises is getting a penis extender to do the trick. Rather than using your hands to do the magic, you use a clinically tested and approved penile traction device to apply pressure to the penile muscles. You must use the extender consistently for 4 to 6 hours every day for at least 5 months in order to see results. If you follow through the training, you will be on your way to a 7-inch dick.

Here are some of the top-rated penis traction devices that men have used to get 7" in just 3 to 6 months:

Is a 5 Inch Penis Too Small or the Ideal Penis Size?

There are many discussions on what the average penis length is, or what can be considered the average penile length.

The major discussion is on whether a 5-inch penis is the average penis size around the world, or it falls below the normal size. It’s a discussion of the haves and the have nots.

The truth is, you should never be ashamed of your penis size, and your partner should not make you feel inadequate. Because, if you want to have a bigger size, you can try penis traction exercises or other natural penis enlargement methods. 

I want the 5-inch Penis Length: What can I do?

If your penis size is in the 2 to 4 inches, you have a chance of adding a few inches in penile length and girth to get to the desired size. 5-inches is reasonably easy to get, as long as you prepare your mind and put some effort into the exercises.

There are different penis enlargement options you can consider. Penis enlargement surgery is an option, but it is expensive and the search is populated with hundreds of horror stories around botched penis enlargement surgery.

The other alternative to consider the cheaper and safer penis extenders which have been clinically proven to work. You can choose between various penis extender devices such as SizeGenetics and Jes Extender. Penis extenders work by applying tension to the penis muscles to cause them to multiply and grow without going under the knife.

The last alternative is to go the natural way by using natural penis exercises such as jelqing. These exercises require you to practice certain penis exercises regularly and consistently and you will be on your way to the desired 5-inch penis or even higher.

Medical Studies on the Average Penis Size

A 5-inch penis is the average size in most countries. In the US, men (and women) dominate at least 50% of internet search on the term “5-inch penis”. This shows that most of the 5-inch givers and receivers want to know if they are on the upper or lower fold.

There are several studies that have been conducted in recent years to determine the average penis size and to debunk the argument. The BJU International conducted a study of 15, 521 men, and they found out that the average erect penis size was 5.1 inches or 13.12 cm.

A prior study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, Indiana University in the US, sampled 1661 sexually active men. The study reported that the average erect penis size was 5.6 inches or 14.15 cm.

Based on these studies and hundreds of other studies, the average penis size is 5 inches, and it is enough for a man to satisfy the sexual appetite of a woman.

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How to Measure Your Penis Length and Girth

The best way to determine your actual size to use a tape measure or ruler. Here is how to know your actual penis length:

  • The first step is to get the penis erect so that you can know the actual size. Medical practitioners use an erect penis rather than a flaccid penis.
  • Next, get a tape measure. You can buy one online or use a school ruler.
  • Measure from the top of the penis to the pubic bone.
  • Note down the measurements at the top and the bottom.

If you want to measure the penis girth, follow the following steps:

  • Get the penis fully erect
  • Wrap a flexible tape measure around the penis shaft at the bottom (closer to the balls).
  • Check and note down the results (where the tape measure meets).

Can you please a woman with a 5-inch penis?

Some men with a 5-inch penis size often feel frustrated or insecure about their penis size. In fact, some may even shy away from having sex with a hooker for fear that they might not satisfy them.

This penis size is normal, and you could be in the middle of the global average penis size. It could be a little higher or lower than the average, and it is unlikely that your partner will raise eyebrows about your penis size.

The 5-inch penis size is long enough to hit the right spots for stimulation, and you can incorporate a wedge sex pillow to keep your partner’s hips in an elevated position.

Some women enjoy sex when the penis size is average, especially due to the possibility of painful sex and injuries when extra-large dicks are involved.

If you are uncertain about whether your partner enjoys your 5-inch size, you can talk to them about how to improve the sex life by trying different sex positions, sex toys, lubes, and sex furniture.

Hottest (Neglected) Erogenous Zones for Women to Increase Pleasure

Do you want to take sex to the supreme level? Locate the female erogenous zones and your sexual adventures will be unsurpassed.

When you familiarize yourself with the areas where the nerve endings are closest to her skin, sex will be even hotter. Her reaction will have you hot and horny, and she’ll lose herself in the sheer excitement you provide her with your fingers or anything else you have on hand.

Keep in mind all women are different so what arouses one won’t work for another but with communication and patience, you’ll discover where her magical orgasm button is.

Pleasure Zone 1: Her Lips

Erogenous Zones for Women

Sheril Kirshenbaum says our lips are the most exposed and underrated of all the erogenous zones.

The truth is when kissing is used as foreplay the ensuing sex is more intoxicating because it takes the participants to another level of awareness depending on its quality.

Using your lips and tongue to explore her body and find more sensual places on her generates a type of response that can only be described as electrifying.

A kiss can make or break a potential relationship. Don’t get filed under ‘bad kisser’ and friend-zoned by racing through it thinking you’ll get her in bed more quickly.

Take your time so both of you can get immersed in each other like you’re the only two people alive. If you’re not an experienced smoocher or you just need a refresher course, study the art of French kissing, so you’ll leave her wanting more of you.

Pleasure Zone 2: Her Neck 

The neck is an underutilized erogenous zone for women thought only to be popular with sex-crazed teenagers who mark their territory with hickeys. Most adult women don’t want you to suck their necks because it leaves marks so keep that in mind when you’re in this area. 

Ideally, when you plant your warm lips on her neck, it should spark a chain reaction of goose bumps, making her shiver slightly. Make sure to remember what she likes for the next session.

Start by applying light but firm kisses along the side of her neck, then pull her hair up at the back and start caressing her nape with your lips and tongue.

If she doesn’t stop you because tickling is like torture to her, start to use a lighter kissing technique. If things go well, try nibbling the side of her neck; it’s highly erotic and to some women, it plays into the erotic and forbidden vampire domination scenario.

Pleasure Zone 3: Her Nipples

Nipple sensitivity varies among women. Some like them to be gently caressed, licked and sucked while some like them pulled, pinched hard and twisted.

According to Health Line, the sensation from stimulating nipples feels the same as the feeling of increased blood flow to her clit and vulva during heightened sexual arousal. So communicate with your partner to make sure that the methods to awaken her nipples are pleasurable whether she’s into pain or not.

Some ways to make her nipples stand erect employ the use of fingers, tongue, teeth, lips, or even the head of your penis. Try these steps to get you started.  If her nipples aren’t that sensitive, and she wants a more intense sensation leading to a nipple orgasm try this accessory, which leaves you free to move on to another area to increase her chances of indulging in mind-blowing pleasure.

Pleasure Zone 4: Her Clitoris

The gold standard in erogenous zones for women is, of course, the clitoris boasting eight thousand nerve endings (give or take) that sends messages to the brain that the body is in a sexually aroused state. 

Have you ever heard of some women being so hyper sensitive they cum just by crossing their legs? It’s because of all those little neurotransmitters of pleasure packed into that fleshy little mound of joy.

What you see peeking out of its hood is only a quarter of how big a clitoris really is. The rest of its fleshy goddess is located inside her body.

Approach the clit gently because it’s full of nerves so don’t just start chowing down on it. Read this, so you are knowledgeable in the art of causing a female orgasm with your fingers, and so you’ll make her clitoris happy. When you’ve mastered the fingering technique, go ahead and use your mouth to bring her to the seventh heaven.

Pleasure Zone 5: Her G-spot

Guide to the Female Orgasm

The G-spot is a mystery, so much so that some people think it’s a fallacy. The gynecologist who discovered it, Ernst Gräfenberg, had scientists baffled for decades because they can’t figure out where it is according to his directions so don’t feel bad if it takes you a while to find it. 

Your efforts won’t go unnoticed because when this area is activated, the outcome is exhilarating orgasms, and the ability to cause female ejaculation or squirting so don’t give up!

Slip your fingers into the first one to two inches of her vagina. It’s at the top of the front vaginal wall and then between the vaginal opening and her urethra.

Make sure she takes a trip to the toilet before getting started in case she does pee, but if you’re into golden showers, you can skip that step. Be prepared for a geyser to erupt when you find it and whatever you do keep going until she tells you to stop!

Pleasure Zone 6: Her A-Spot

This female erogenous zone was discovered in 1993 by Dr. Chua Chee Ann, a Malaysian sexologist, sex therapist, and the ‘Christopher Columbus’ of the female libido.

He was looking for a way to help women overcome lubrication problems when he stumbled upon this little nugget that’s nestled near the G-spot. The doctor reports that if she is responsive to stimulating this area, her vagina will lubricate quickly, and she’ll be ready for penetration within one minute so pay attention boys!

While she’s on her back, use your fingers and follow the front wall of her vagina (facing her tummy) don’t go past the cervix (a long ‘tube’ that’s part of the uterus) because you’ll wind up back in G-spot territory.

If you have a long penis, try activating the A-spot with it or if your member is an average size go ahead and use one of these magical sex extenders. Have fun and use a combination of methods to make her shower you with orgasmic fluid.

Pleasure Zone 7: Her O-Spot

How to pleasure her like a pro

The O-spot is my personal favorite and trust me if you found the other spots, this treasure trove will be a breeze to discover. Lay her down on her back and penetrate her vagina with your fingers, and go past the A-spot. 

Turn your fingers down towards the floor until they touch the spongy flesh. Start exploring around the area with your fingers and watch her for signs she’s getting into it like when her eyes flutter and roll back in her head.

Having long digits and a John Holmes sized penis is a bonus but not necessary because there are an array of erotic toys that will do the job for you like this dildo and don’t forget to buy lube to make the insertion smoother.

If your partner prefers a more organic approach and she doesn’t care about props, try this position.  Careful, though, once she tries this one out you might never get back on top again so don’t say I didn’t warn you!