Fleshlight Launch VR Reviews (Video Manual and How It Works)

Let me confess, I watch porn a lot, both for the thrill of it and to get ready for some big action and every time I am watching porn I am like, dude! How I wish I was that guy hitting that blonde, as she reveals her nasty side.

My previous masturbation experience was a little boring, taking into account that I was used to manual toys. Unlike interactive toys, manual toys require your involvement 100% of the time. No links to porn sites. No VR headsets. I had to look for something that would take me to the world of porn-actors.

That’s how I landed on the Fleshlight Launch interactive VR sex toy. With a virtual reality sex toy, I am actually replacing that dude on the blonde! Yes, I take charge and feel whatever the guy who did that video felt.

What is Fleshlight Launch?

Fleshlight Lauch VR Sex Toy

Fleshlight launch VR is a virtual reality sex toy for men which turns wishes into real shit. Fleshlight Launch gives you a choice in case you want to manually use it alone to masturbate or enjoy the experience of an X-rated video.

Two companies Kiiroo and Fleshlight, both honchos in the manufacture of sex toys, put their heads together and brought us this beast.

Kiiroo is responsible for the toy’s high-tech features while Fleshlight took care of providing high-quality materials that were used to manufacture Fleshlight Launch’s masturbatory accessories.

This sex toy comes with two operating modes; interactive and manual. The manual option lets you control the machine’s speed/length of strokes and their frequency. Interactive, on the other hand, lets you sit back, relax and enjoy your strokes with your hands fully free.

Features of Fleshlight Launch Interactive Reality Sex Toy

Body safe materials

Fleshlight, the company that worked on the sex toy’s materials made sure that it is non-porous, well chromed and coated so as not to harm you in any way.

Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

This is a feature that you might not have encountered in other toys. Why should a sex toy need Bluetooth connectivity though? Hang on there.


Fleshlight Launch comes with an inbuilt battery that is rechargeable. It also comes with a USB cable.

Compatible with other toys

Well, not all the toys but with Fleshlight sex toys only (excluding Ice, Turbo, Go, Flight and any Quickshot product). It also is compatible with FeelMe.com. Still, on compatibility, Fleshlight Launch is compatible with any standard Fleshlight case (Black, Blue, Gold, Pearl, and Silver) and with VR goggles.

Password Protected

I am one selfish person, and if you don’t want to share such sweet stuff like me, then you can lock and protect this one with a password.

What is Inside the Fleshlight Launch Shipping Box?

Like a kid who is afraid of slipping into new clothes, I was also sweaty when I first held the box containing my Fleshlight Launch. For the lack of a better term, I’ll call the packaging high-end. It looks masculine and high-tech.

Once I opened the box, I found two Styrofoam support panels that had a logo, bracing the thin plastic in which my Fleshlight Launch was wrapped. It was covered in this temporary dust cover which once removed, revealed the master of a beast beneath it.

The box also had a small sealed plastic nestled in the box’s cavity and it includes the following accessories:

  • USB Charger
  • Certificate of authenticity (used to activate Fleshlight Launch 1-year warranty)
  • Quick start guide.
  • An instructional guide that is written in multiple languages.

Fleshlight Launch Sex Toy: Design, Weight & Controls

Despite the set up outside its box showing that the Fleshlight Launch can stand upright on its own, the bottom can’t support the weight.

Fleshlight launch Review

This is because it is made of cushioned and flexible rubber material which is apparently designed to ensure it comfortably contours when you press it against your body.

This launch measures 12.75 inches in height and about 6 inches in width. An empty Launch weighs 3 pounds while the addition of a Fleshlight makes it about 4 pounds heavy.

For manual controls, adjusting stroking speed and length, the Launch is equipped with an LED button. There is a button that allows you to select your preferred operating mode. They are not really ‘buttons’ but touch surfaces on either side of the Launch.

Setting up Fleshlight Launch for the First Time

Setting up a Fleshlight Launch is quite easy. Before you get down to work, make sure that the Fleshlight launch is fully charged.

  • Push the Fleshlight into the Launch’s top and twist it to have it locked in place.
  • Use a lubricant and thoroughly lubricate your penis as well as the Fleshlight.  This male sex toy can work with any water-based lubricant. However, dense lubricants hinder the toy’s performance especially in effectively stroking you.
  • Now you can switch the device on by long-pressing the power button on the Launch for about three seconds.

Using the Fleshlight Launch Manual Mode

Once powered on, you will notice that the ‘mode’ button is blue in color. This indicates that the Fleshlight Launch is in interactive mode (which is its default mode) and you can change to the manual mode by long-pressing the button for three seconds again.

Fleshlight lauch VR Review

This allows you to control the length, frequency, and speed of the stroking. Using the left control button, you can swipe away to increase the stroking speed, and stroke towards you to reduce the speed.

The right control, on the other hand, adjusts the stroking’s starting position, with the furthest spot of the button starting the stroking at a higher spot and the nearest spots beginning the stroking at the lower point of your penis.

To begin the Fleshlight’s automatic stroking, insert your penis into the launch and press the power button and voila, a sensational experience! Did we say that you can enjoy up to 180 strokes per minute?

Setting up the Fleshlight Launch Interactive Mode

This is even more interesting because it submerges you fully into the 2D and VR content and allows you to experience touching (or being touched by) your lover over the internet. Besides, there are interactive video games that you can enjoy.

Like we pointed out, this toy uses Bluetooth signals when connecting to another device. This other device can be a webcam, VR goggles, phone or even computer for synced content.

Once you switch it on, the toy is on the interactive mode by default, with Bluetooth connection on. So the first thing to do is to strap your pair of VR goggles.

With the VR turned on and on your eyes, connect to the Launch through the Bluetooth connectivity. Once connected, whatever sucking, thrusting or blow jobbing that you see on your screen will be replicated on your dick. You can connect to any device of your choice or use the Feel Connect App using your smartphone.

You can also sex chat your partner who is physically distant, make love to her or both of you masturbate, mutually. Fleshlight Launch bridges the distance between people through the Interactive mode.

So you like porn, like me, no? Well, how about sharing the juice with that lad. You can connect to X-rated adult content on FeelMe.com, UFeel.tv, and even Pornhub and have the fun!

​Pros and Cons of Fleshlight Launch Interactive Virtual Reality Sex Toy

There are so many things that I liked about Fleshlight Launch, and of course, a few that were a turn-off. 

What I liked

  • Made using body-safe materials. This shows how much the manufacturer cares about the user.
  • The built-in battery is rechargeable through a micro-USB cable included in the package.
  • Can be password-protected.
  • The packaging is discreet.
  • Super-light and portable.
  • The battery lasts two hours of use once fully charged, two hours!
  • It can connect to your phone for FeelMe videos.
  • Quite.

What I did not like

  • Can’t stand on its own. It needs support.
  • This launch is not waterproof. Don’t use it in a shower-room.
  • Sometimes the control ‘buttons’ might frustrate you with their stubbornness.
  • Uses up so much lubricant.
  • The battery takes from 6-9 hours to charge fully. That’s a whole day of waiting.

FAQs about Fleshlight Launch Interactive Reality Male Sex Toy

Is Fleshlight Launch Noisy?

No. The fleshlight is quiet, and your partner may not even realize that you are nearing cloud nine. However, it does produce some sound when you increase the speed, but it is not too loud to invite unwanted guests.

How many strokes per minute does Fleshlight Launch produce?

In the manual mode, this Launch produces 180 strokes per minute.

Which VR goggle brands are compatible with Fleshlight Launch?

Fleshlight Launch can pair with Feel VR app through the Bluetooth. Once you have downloaded the app, you can use any VR headset and access any feel VR website.

What are Fleshlight Launch’s dimensions?

It measures 320 x 157 x 167.

How long does the Fleshlight Launch battery last?

The battery lasts 2 hours of use, and it requires to be charged for 6 to 9 hours before it can be used.


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