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Best Vibrating Panties With Remote Control| 2021 Reviews

Most of the times, ladies love having fun with themselves.

They want to play with the clit, get some stimulations and even reach an orgasm (something that every lady out there yearns). And the best part is, they want to be the ones in charge of all these so that they can control how and what they feel.

Sometimes, they also want to be surprised with an organism when they least expect it. Probably one that is initiated by partner or a play mate. But how can this happen?

Wearing a vibrating panty makes you achieve all these. A vibrating panty is one of the most intriguing sex toys you will find. It works in a way that, once activated through remote control, it produces vibrations down there, and this causes some crazy but satisfying stimulations, whether you are in your home or away in the beach on a sunny afternoon.

My girlfriend is crazy about vibrating panties because of the feeling she gets when her clit is tickled. Although she loves it when she is in control, she acknowledges that she gets better stimulation when I press the button when she least expects it. And the good thing is, vibrating panties and discreet, and neither of her friends will know what she has down there.

Types of Vibrating Panties

1. Vibrator attached to a panty

The panty and the vibrator are separate items which are however put together for pleasure. This type of vibrating panties is manual, and requires you to do a lot of the work. It comes with a removable bullet vibrator.

Although this is the quietest type of vibrating panties, it has some limitations that make it less attractive if you want to use it in public. For example, when changing the toy’s settings, you have to manually touch the vibrator.

2. Vibrator attached via a cord to a remote control

This type of vibrating panty attempts to address some of the limitations of the vibrator attached to panty type of vibrator. This vibrating panty has a cord that connects the vibrator to a remote control. You can use the remote to adjust the vibrating settings to the level where you derive maximum satisfaction.

This type of vibrating panty is not ideal for use in public places. Or who wants to carry a protruding cord from the pussy?

3. Wireless vibrating panties

This is my girlfriend’s favorite type of vibrating panty, and it’s a best seller is most of the online stores. Wireless vibrating panties come with a standalone remote control that you can carry in your handbag. Any time you want to feel some sweetness, discreetly pull the remote and do press the magic button.

Wireless vibrating panties come in two types:

Vibrating panty with a remote control: This one comes with a detached remote control that you or your partner can use to trigger the vibrations. For the remote to work, the distance between the remote and the panty vibrator can be anywhere from 20 to 50 feet.

Vibrating panty + Phone App: This type of wireless vibrating panty can be controlled from anywhere in the world. Let’s say you live in Las Vegas and you partner is in London, the partner can activate the vibrator at any time as long as they have a phone app installed in their smartphone.

If you have a naughty partner who may be tempted to activate the button at any time, you should train yourself not to gasp or moan since it can find you in a sensitive area like a board meeting. This type of wireless vibrating panty is an important accessory if you are in a long distance relationship.

Best Vibrating Panties to Give You an Orgasm

1. OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH – Wireless Remote Control

This is a revolutionary wireless vibrating panty that is controlled by a rechargeable remote control. This toy is slim, lightweight and discreetly disappears under your clothes. You can wear this in town, a night club or to a dinner party, to a date as you wait for the big moment.

Made of body-safe premium grade hypoallergenic, non-porous, non-toxic phthalate-free materials, OhMiBod club vibe is 3.75 inches long and 1.75 inches wide. It’s thin, about 0.5 inches and weighs a mere 65g. The vibrator is molded from non-porous ABS plastic that boasts a PU coating to give it a velvety finish.

The package comes with a remote control, a privacy pouch, one black-lace thong that is custom, the remote’s battery which is 12V, A23 and a USB cable to charge. What’s more, you also get a 1-year warranty.

OhMiBod Club vibe comes with two modes, manual and club mode. In manual mode, you get 5 in-built vibration patterns. The club mode is the most exciting aspect of this panty. With club mode, the remote control vibrates according to the rhythm of the music. This is a wireless experience and pray that the DJ is your bae or else you don’t know what you are getting into.

Also, you can connect the vibrator and the club vibe music to the speaker system using a supplied cable. It also vibrates to your partner’s voice’s rhythm. So you can freely give the remote to him/her and go lose control looking forward to those 5 intense yet silent levels of vibrations.

It comes with an ergonomic design. With the manual-or-auto options it is perfect for bedroom or outdoor experience. It also is compatible with most devices, from mp3 players, smartphones, iPhones, iPod models and most audio systems.

Takes 2-3 hours to charge and this will last you up to two hours of game time.


  • Comes with two options, manual and club modes.
  • The panty is thin and discreet.
  • Vibrates according to the rhythm of music or your partner’s voice.
  • Rechargeable and comes with a battery.
  • Manual mode has 5 vibration patterns
  • Manufactured using body-safe materials
  • Comes with a one year warranty.


  • Might not fit all
  • It is a bit loud; ensure the music you are playing is louder than the vibrations.

2. Women’s Remote Control Vibrating Panties with JOLT

If you have watched ‘The Ugly Truth’ then you probably have an idea of what we are talking about here. Worn just like normal panties beneath your clothes, these panties come in either pink, white or black, and this allows you to choose what fits the outfit you will be wearing.

Made with 10% Spandex and 90% nylon, this innocent-looking beats is called JOLT because despite how it looks or appears, it has a potent motor within it. Its vibrations are more than thrice what other vibrating panties will give you.

This vibrating panty provides 10 different vibrations to give you a variety of choices. Also, it has two buttons that allows you to rotate the vibrator forward or backwards, as well as choose the pattern that you prefer.

In addition, there are four other buttons that allow you to control when, where and how you get stimulated by the vibrator. You can give the remote control to your partner, and he/she can choose to mess with your clit whenever they feel like.

The remote is discreet, and can remain hidden away from the human eye. The remote is made with a stainless steel material, with a metal finish that you can add to your keys and nobody will know what it is or what it does.

The laces are stretchable, and you can adjust to fit any hip size. The silicone-made vibrator is 3 inches by 1 inch long and it comes with a 7+hour rechargeable battery whose recharge time is one hour. A USB charger is included in the package.

You can choose to enjoy the stimulations in the shower, since it is waterproof and non-porous. It is also easy to clean.


  • Comes in three colors; pink, white and black.
  • It is non-porous and waterproof
  • JOLT is made of antibacterial silicone which is medical grade hence body safe
  • Comes with 10 different patterns
  • Has a wide feet wireless range of more than 30 feet
  • Comes with a multi-functional remote
  • It is lightning vibration mode is 3X what similar gadgets offer
  • Rechargeable battery of over 7+ hours
  • Has a safe button for instant turning off


  • The lightning mode might be a bit loud due to its power
  • JOLT can only be charged using a computer’s USB port, as directed by the manufacturer.

3. Adorime Wireless Remote Control Clitoral Stimulation Wearable Panty Vibrator

This is another ergonomically designed vibrating panty that is close-fitting for anybody to wear.
The unique design coupled with the silky silicone material makes this vibrating panty comfortable for most women.

With 10 vibration modes, the toy comes with an upgraded power system that will give you a variety of strong vibrations. It will arouse the most intense sexual stimulations which will give you an unprecedented orgasm. And the orgasming is not limited to the bedroom.

With a vibration volume of less than 40 decibels, you are sure to feel weak on your knees but nobody will realize that there is a vibrator sitting on your cookie. You can decide to catch the moment while snacking at a restaurant, anywhere!

Just like OhMiBod, you can have this vibrator sitting on your clit while your partner controls it 32 feet away. The vibrator is made of high-quality silicone which is medical grade, and easy to clean. It is antibacterial, and safe for use.

In 30 minutes, Adorine Vibrator can be charged via magnetic charging. The lithium battery can last you 2 yours of playtime.

The remote control is small, and it measures 60mm by 35 mm. It comes enclosed in a discreet package in a way that the little secret pleasure won’t be recognized.

The Adorine wireless vibrating panty comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If the device fails to function within 30 days, you can return the device to the manufacturer and get your money back.


  • Comes with 10 vibration modes
  • Made of safe medical grade silicone
  • Can be remote-controlled by a remote 32 feet away
  • It is silent
  • Fast magnetic charging in 30 minutes
  • Packaged discreetly
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The nub is a bit more concentrated on the clit

4. CalExotics Lock-N-Play 12 Function Vibrating Panty

While other vibrator panties are boasting about 10 functions, this Lock-N-Play comes with 12 of them! To begin with, this teaser is remote controlled and this can be done long-range.

It is quite small, so petite that you can use it in any party without worrying about people noticing a bulge down there. With its size, it can be used with any panty. It also has strongly magnetic tabs that will fold into place and securely stay where you want it to.

The design of CalExotics Lock-N-Play also has an elevated curve whose ridges are sensuously detailed. This in turn accurately channels the vibrator’s intense and powerful vibrations to the G-spot. The remote is also discreet and coupled with its small size is the ergonomic design that makes it fit your palms easily.

If you press the button once it will activate a series of weakening waves of pleasure. Your can have your partner control the remote from a distance of 10 metres as you enjoy the waves, or you can choose to pleasure yourself using the automatic start button with a function button.

It also is USB rechargeable. The vibrator is made from a silicone ABS plastic that is coated with polyurethane.


  • Comes with a built-in battery that is USB-rechargeable
  • Has 12 functions
  • Can be used with remote or independent from the remote
  • Has very strong magnetic tabs that lock the vibrator into place
  • It is water resistant
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Can be controlled by a remote 33 feet away
  • It is discreet


  • Does not come with panties

5. LELO Tiani 2 Couples’ Design Edition Remote-Controlled Vibrator

The manufacturer of the Lelo Tiani 2 vibrator advices that this toy should be used during lovemaking to deliver a mind-blowing sensation with the thrilling vibrations.

While each Tiani product has a motion-sensing technology that is remote-controlled, this one has the controlled sensations increased by half of the usual level while it’s sensitivity to the remote has been increased by three.

This toy is body-safe, and it is made with soft and flexible silicon material. You can either use it with or without the remote. When used independently without a remote, an attachment to the panty will help stimulate your G-spot, and offer untold satisfaction.

With a disc-like control, you can adjust the rhythm and speed of your LELO Tiani by just flicking your wrist. This control vibrates as well to alert you on how your better half is feeling.

These toys are incredibly versatile and can be controlled by a remote 39 feet away. They are rechargeable, waterproof and come packaged in a gorgeous edition.


  • It increases the pleasure during lovemaking for both partners
  • Its unique design helps it stimulate the G-spot and the clit simultaneously
  • It can sense a remote that’s 39 feet away
  • The LELO SenseMotion technology adjusts according to movements
  • Rechargeable
  • Made of body-safe silicone
  • You can tell how your partner is feeling
  • Secure and discreet shipping and packaging
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with 8-pleasure settings


  • The battery life is not very long
  • Might be difficult to keep in position

Best Ben Wa Balls (Kegel Balls) To Tighten Pelvic Muscles

Ben-Wa balls, commonly known as kegel balls, originated from Japan. They were originally used by Japanese women to tighten pelvic muscles after birth. 

Kegel balls are two small devices that are weighted with the aim of strengthening the muscles of a woman’s pelvic and vaginal walls.

According to The University of Maryland Medical center, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help prevent fecal and urinary incontinence. Ben-Wa balls are also used for arousal increment through vaginal stimulation. 

 Top picks for the best Ben-Wa-Balls that you can consider:

1. Abandship 2 in 1 Kegel Balls Kit – Massager Ben Wa Balls

This balls kit is made of Hypoallergenic ABS plastic and a medical-grade superior silicone, Dioxin, Phthalate, and is both latex and BPA-free. It’s constructed using the highest quality levels and its safety is FDA-certified.

These balls are recommended by doctors for tighter, stronger pelvic floors and bladder control. According to the manufacturer, the effect can be felt a month after you’ve started using these balls on a 15-minute daily routine. The balls’ interactive vibrations give the user real-time biofeedback.

The kit comes with 3 different weights from which you can choose from. Each of these weights has a silicone string that will be easy for you to use and clean. The three weights give you different sensations.

New moms will find the Abandship 2-in-1 Kegel balls kit ideal for strengthening their pelvic floors. These balls can be used even as you go on with your daily routine. These Kegel balls are beautifully packaged, and they come with a 3-month guarantee.

How to Insert Abandship 2-in-1 Kegel Balls

i) You first need to wash your hands clean with a sterile soap.

ii) Using sterile soap with mild water, clean the ball as well as the silicone ring belt that you will use.

iii) Using lint-free linen or towel to dry the cleaned ball.

iv) Place a water-soluble lubricant on the ball.

v) Laying down on your back, take the ball that has been closed with the silicone belt and push it into your pussy slowly.

vi) Clean the silicone belt after use

If you have just started using Ben-Wa balls, do not strain yourself. We advise you to use the 47g single ball for the first two weeks then upgrade to using two 89g balls for the next one month.

Your movements will irritate a physical reaction from the balls which will hit each other back and forth and this will stimulate a muscle contraction while the vibrations cause some sweet arousal sensation. Besides the movements, gravitational pull will pull the balls and tighten the muscles.

The package Abandship 2-in-1 Kegel Balls comes with;

  • Two different Abandship kegel balls
  • One vibration kegel ball
  • A wireless remote control
  • One USB cable for charging
  • A user manual


  • Comes with multiple weights with different sensations.
  • FDA-certified safety
  • Comes with a 3-month guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Can be worn discreetly inside
  • Helps one restore confidence in new moms.
  • Prevents prolapse and leaks
  • Comes with ten vibration modes
  • Has a wireless remote control


  • The vibrations are not as silent as you’d expect, but it still does its job.

2. Lelo Luna Beads Review

After giving birth, most women lose pleasure and their sensitivity is lost as well. Lelo Luna beads attempt to restore the pleasure and urge to get into the act with confidence.

Lelo Luna beads contain an inner ball that is rubberized and weighted. The ball follows the motion of your body as you walk, run, jump or even shake a leg at the dance floor.

The beads swirl and your body reacts with a subtle gradual arousal and sensual stimulation recovery after childbirth.

You can use different weight combinations since the beads include two sets of 28g and 37g, both interchangeable, and gradually increase the weights as your muscles grow strong.

If you regularly use the beads, graduating from the lighter to heavier ones, you can experience intense climaxes. The most interesting part of using these beads is that they will remain discreet as you continue with chores at home or even at your office desk. They come with a silicone harness.

Orgasms from Lelo Luna beads last longer than you can imagine and the beads, once inserted into your body, are comfortable. These beads are made of materials approved by the FDA and ABS.

According to the manufacturer, the packaging and shipping of these beads is discreetly done without any mention of the product inside or its nature whatsoever.

If you encounter any problem with the product in the first year, it can be replaced with a new one by the manufacturer for free, thanks to their 1-year warranty. The manufacturer also provides 50% discount to customers you buy replacement Lelo Luna beads or when the beads become faulty in the first 10 years.


  • Made using body-safe materials
  • Gives longer and stronger orgasms.
  • The beads come in different combinations
  • Offers you pleasure and exercise at the same time
  • The beads are interchangeable
  • Does not require batteries.
  • Easy to clean after use


  • No return option, save for the replacement of faulty products.
  • For those women who have not given birth, the balls might be a little too big.

3. Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights

Intimate Rose Kegel balls are one of the most popular Ben-wa-balls brands, and they are even recommended by doctors. They were designed by doctors and they are used by the American Physical Therapy Association.

You might be among the unfortunate ones who leak whenever they laugh, sneeze or even exercise. Or maybe you experience an uh-uuh feeling after child birth and you feel like you should tighten a bit. Intimate Rose will help you do all that plus other extra benefits.

The manufacturer claims that some of their staff have been deployed at the Pelvic Rehabilitation Doctor of Physical Therapy as a way of finding ways of producing needs that cater to the needs of women. This clinic caters for those ladies that due to multiple childbirth or aging have developed incontinence, suffer from pelvic organ prolapse or even want to regain whatever they have lost with time down there.

In most cases, getting your body back to normal requires around 80-100 kegels. However, Intimate Rose promises to do this in two months if you use it 15 minutes each day with training videos illustrating how you can use the weights for maximum benefits.

The six balls vary in color and weight, with the weight increasing with an increase in color. The white ball weighs a mere 25g, the second one weighs 40g, the third one 60g, the fourth 85g, the fifth 105g, and the last one 125g.

There are varying weights for different strengths that can be managed by women, but you are advised to increase gradually.

Before using these balls, clean them using warm water and antibacterial soap, then dry them using a towel that is lint-free. Once dry, apply a water-based lubricant to make it’s insertion to your body easier.


  • They are made using body-safe materials
  • Come in varying color and weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Have no openings or ridges that can hide bacteria
  • Includes a user manual and online training videos.
  • Can be used by women of all ages
  • Packaged and shipped discreetly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Budget-friendly price


  • The shape and size might be a little bit too much for some users
  • Has an initial chemical odor

4. Kegel Exerciser with APP & Vibration

In this century of apps and more apps, you might be interested in solving your little problem down there with a tech solution. This brand incorporates the latest tech innovations, and it is designed with the help of doctors to produce a product that is safe and that delivers real results.

Kegel exerciser is made of BPA-free and 100% liquid food-grade premium silicone that is antibacterial. It is also phthalate-free and waterproof, making it easy to clean.

It comes with four therapeutic massage modes that are all adjustable. Users can use these models to stimulate their pelvic floor muscles and also understand their body better to know the muscles that need to contract.

The four therapeutic massage patterns offered by this exerciser include Crescendo, Intermittent, Wave and Steady. The vibration intensity is adjustable when using the app as well. When not using the app, there are two massage modes available, one that increases the vibrations the stronger you squeeze as well as Steady massage mode.

The Kegel App on your phone can only be used if the phone is at most 16 feet away from you. The app will help you evaluate what your pelvic muscles’ actual condition is. It also makes the training more fun, and it motivates users to keep up with the training until they get the desired results. Users can customize the workouts to suit their needs, and monitor the progress of their training using the app’s graphic interface.

Whether you leak whenever you sneeze, cough, run or laugh, preparing for childbirth or post-childbirth recovery, or are quite bored by the traditional kegel weights for women, you will be at the benefiting end when using Kegel exerciser with app and vibration. It will help you regain your confidence with real-time biofeedback on your phone thanks to its interactive app.


  • Ideal for both beginners and advanced users
  • It can be used by women who are headed into childbirth and also helps them in hastening their recovery thereafter
  • Enhances intimate pleasure
  • Gets rid of incontinence and any other bladder issue
  • Can be connected with Bluetooth
  • Made using body-safe antibacterial soft silicon
  • It is non-porous, waterproof and easy to clean
  • Comes with four massage modes
  • Relatively cheaper, with what it offers
  • Easy to use


  • The results might not be accurately shown because of syncing issues
  • It’s difficult to sync with iOS devices

5. Jintrun 2 in 1 Kegel Exercise Weights

Jintrun 2 in 1 kegel weights is designed to make the training experience as fun as possible, regardless of how you are doing it. It is equipped with two physical kegel balls, and one kegel ball with remote control. This allows users to enjoy more options with three different combinations.

While most kegel balls require you to use them for 15 minutes each day, Jintrun 2 in 1 requires you to exercise for 30 minutes each day. The two physical balls weigh 44g and 102g and are among the most effective vaginal weights you will get. The third ball with remote control weighs 57g.

Jintrun 2-in-1 kegel balls are body-safe, and they are made from food silicone. This material is waterproof and can be cleaned with ease.

To start off, you wear the lightest ball alone for 2 weeks before upgrading when your muscles get used to it. This will help your coochie get tighter, you will stop leaking and as well as prevent prolapse.

These balls should be cleaned every time before and after use. Use mild warm water to clean the balls. Dry them by tapping with a towel or lint-free linen. Once dry, lie on your back and push the ball you intend to use into your vagina slowly. Start exercising and when done, use the silicone belt to retrieve and clean the ball.

The package comes with three different balls, remote control, and a user manual.


  • Good quality material.
  • Soft and non-porous
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Made using body-safe materials
  • Cheap


  • The vibration is a bit loud.
  • The remote needs to be close to your pelvis area for sensitivity