Cobra Libre 2 Review 2019: Is it the Best Penis Head Vibrator?

Cobra Libre 2 penis head vibrator is a luxury sex toy manufactured by Fun factory.

And true to its name, Cobra libre 2 is designed like a slithering Cobra’s mouth that is open, ready to swallow your cum gun.

Unlike most of the male sex toys which are designed to simulate sex and stimulate you, Cobra Libre 2 is specifically designed to stimulate the head of your dick, also called the corona. The soft velvety interior of Cobra Libre surrounds your dick’s tip.

It is handheld, and comes with a range of pleasure settings that you can customize. Two powerful motors (one located in the middle of the toy and the other at the rear) offer a range of breathtaking vibrations on the head, which is the most sensitive part of the dick, from gentle to incredibly powerful vibrations.

Being made for the tip means there is no hard work needed; you can just sit back and moan as you enjoy the ecstasy. According to Fun Factory, the manufacturer, Cobra Libre’s interior shape is designed so as to expose the glans through a crowding out effect whereas the silicone is meant to snugly hug your dick’s glans.

Cobra Libre penis head vibrator is innovative, and so powerful. Its shape makes it impossible to get your dick into it beyond the head. Let not the powerful vibrations of the motors fool you that Cobra Libre is noisy. On the contrary, the motors are super quiet.

Features of Cobra Libre Penis Head Vibrator

​Body-safe Silicone Material

Like in most luxury sex toys, Cobra libre 2 has components made of body-safe materials; medical grade silicone and a plastic blend that is skin safe and completely waterproof.

This is great both for hygiene purposes and comfort. A black plastic shell protects the two high-powered motors inside the toy.

​Big Size

The device is 3.5 inches long internally with the canal having a diameter of 2 inches.

This is just enough to accommodate most of our dick sizes (I didn’t say we’re going to co-use it, hey!) with the help of the silicon’s pliableness.

​Three Control Buttons

Cobra Libre 2 has three buttons on top to help you operate and control it. This is an improvement from the previous version of Cobra libre which had a touch pad.

The first top button, red in color written ‘FUN’ is a power button. If you press it for half a second the device turns on and if you do it again it goes off.

The other two buttons are labelled negative (-) and positive (+). They can be used to juggle through the different modes and giving you different type of vibrations.

Unpacking the device

Cobra Libre II Package

So, what does the Cobra Libre come with?

Well, the box carrying this sex toy has (besides the Cobra Libre 2), a USB cable about 8 inches long which you will use to recharge your toy, and a user manual.

There’s no lubricant, no toy cleaner or anything else, which means you will have to sort yourself on that front but hey, I know you have some, you ain’t a newbie after all!

That’s an undoing from the manufacturer’s part however.

Setting up Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2

We all know, the skins of our dicks are so delicate that a little bruise will give us so much agony.

Cobra Libre 2 Penis Head Vibrator

That is expected to happen if you don’t use a lubricant after unpacking your Cobra libre. Applying a lubricant is necessary, unless you want to light up your dick with friction.

Get a water-based lubricant. This will remove any friction that is likely to result from the vibrations and contact between the vibrator and your dick head.

To use minimal lubricant, I advise you to apply it directly to the vibrator’s inside and not on your penis. Why? Applying it on your dick might prompt you to apply even to the shaft which isn’t getting into the Cobra Libre 2 anyway, which shall be a waste.

Once you do that, ensure that the vibrator is charged. The device comes fully charged when you buy it, but you should confirm it is charged before getting down to work.

How to use Cobra Libre 2

Power, check, lubrication, check. Now you can go ahead and push your dick into the toy.

You can achieve this in two ways.

First, you will have to sit and your dick shall be pointing straight forward. Or, you can lie on your back and your dick will be facing your head. On both occasions, all you have to do is push your dick into the Cobra Libre 2.

Power On Cobra Libre II

Your dick is in so now the action should begin. Press the ‘Fun’ button for like half a second and the toy shall be on.

By default, the Cobra Libre once powered on starts at the medium vibration mode.

You can press the ‘-‘ button once to reduce the vibration to a lower level or press the ‘+’ to increase the vibration a level up.

Modes of vibration

There are 11 different modes of vibration offered by Cobra Libre 2. Of these, two are slow training modes best for newbies.

Three of the modes constantly increase in vibration length while another 3 modes gradually increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations. The latter are called the slalom modes. The final 3, also referred to as the rock n roll modes, are freeform patterns.

Lockable buttons

The original Cobra Libre version of this vibrator had a touchpad which many users said would be accidentally touched and do something that the user didn’t intend ruining the fun.

Cobra Libre II Penis Head Vibrator Review

You can actually lock the buttons that even if you accidentally pressed one, it would not prompt the vibrator to do anything.

Start by pressing the ‘fun’ and the ‘-‘ buttons for half a second.

It locks the buttons and to unlock them, you have to again press the ‘fun’ button but with the ‘+’ button this time also for half a second.

Toning down the vibrations

Immediately you power your Cobra Libre 2, the lower side of your penis will experience some strong rumbling sensation. To delay your arousal and cumming, you should tone down the vibrations to the training mode.

When you switch to the lowest level of this mode, the sensation is quite light and pleasant, with the vibrations focusing on your dick’s underside, along that supersensitive frenulum. This gives you a gentle ticklish and titillating feeling.

Increasing vibrations

Increasing the intensity of the vibrations gradually gives you increased pleasurable feelings. Constant vibration mode’s highest level is so powerful that you can cum sooner than expected, that’s why it is advisable to not start with it if you want full enjoyment.

Cobra Libre has 6 distinct patterned modes that give you different feels. During the vibrations however, the vibrations are not as strong. These serve as foreplay in a way so you might choose to start or finish with them.

How to the Fun Factory Clean Cobra Libre II

Once you’re done using the vibrator, the wisest thing to do is to clean it, and that is quite easy.

This is partially because Cobra Libre 2 is water proof. You can wash it under a water tap or in the sink with an antibacterial soap using hot water.

Additionally, you can wipe the internal part of it using a 10% mild bleach solution and it will all be good for storage and future use.

Oh, and remember to charge it! When charging, the vibrator’s buttons beep lights in turns indicating the level of the battery that has been charged but once it is full, they will all go out.

What I Liked About Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2

  • It is rechargeable (and does not need external batteries) and it comes with a USB charger.
  • Cobra Libre 2 is waterproof so you can use it even in a shower.
  • Offers a range of vibrations and patterns.
  • You can lock the buttons so that the other luggage in your bag doesn’t press and start it by mistake.
  • Comes with two powerful motors.
  • Super silent, and you can use it the office shower room without getting noticed.
  • Body-safe material.
  • Lasts long once charged

What I did not like about Cobra Libre 2

  • The robot comes with its buttons locked, so if you have no prior idea how to unlock it you might ship it back to the seller.
  • There is no extra accommodation for your cum, and it might end back in your face!

Frequently Asked Questions on Cobra Libre 2

Does Cobra Libre 2 come with a battery?

No, it doesn’t. It has an inbuilt battery that is recharged when the battery gets drained

How big is Cobra Libre 2?

It measures 5.8 x 5.8 x 2.8 inches, weighing 10.6 ounces.

Is Cobra Libre 2 for small, big or medium?

The vibrator covers only the tip of the dick so it’s likely to hold all sizes.

Does it have a warranty?

No, it doesn’t.

Is it noisy?

The two motors are super silent, and nobody will know what you are doing in the shower room.


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