How I Make Her Cum Fast: The No-Fail Guide to Female Orgasm

Making a man cum is pretty easy. Making a woman cum is not. A woman’s sexual anatomy is more complicated than ours, so it’s important to first figure out how things work down there and use this knowledge to deliver an orgasm. A real one.

You see, according to statistics, women fake orgasms for many reasons. Recent studies have found women fake to get already dismal sex over with and to keep her man from straying. So first and foremost, let’s make sure she doesn’t have to fake it, alright?

We can do this by learning about her body. It’s this knowledge that will set us apart from the legions of men who insist they’re legends in the sack but have really just been fooled by a woman’s acting skills.

Be the rarity who took the time to learn what she likes instead of getting your education from porn, which is merely entertainment and not at all an educational platform. Trust me, the porn stars I’ve interviewed agree: porn should never be viewed as education. Ever.

The knowledge offered below is what’s been found effective for most women. But of course, like men, all women prefer different things and it’s your job to get better acquainted with her body and communicate these likes and dislikes.

In the meantime though, it’s safe to say she will be in good hands (your hands) by committing to the following techniques — all of which work perfectly fine on their own but have the ability to be even more effective when cleverly combined.

1. G-Spot stimulation (Foreplay)

If you want to build arousal prior to penetration, a good way to do so is by stimulating her G-Spot with your hand.

make her cum fast

Entering palm up, reach two inches inside the vagina until you find a ridge-like area on the upper wall. Here, you’ll perform a “come hither” motion with your fingers. Switch things up a bit, of course, but know that this motion is the best way to stimulate the G-Spot, so revisit it as often as you can.

If the G-Spot is tough to find, continue with this motion. The G-Spot expands as she becomes more aroused.

2. G-Spot Stimulation (Intercourse)

Most positions hit the G-Spot, but some hit it better than others. Without having to differentiate between the two, here are the positions best for G-Spot stimulation:

Doggystyle: This is by far the best position for G-Spot stimulation and it’s fairly well-known but in case you’re unfamiliar here’s how it’s done, just have your partner get on her hands and knees and enter her from behind then penetrate.

Legs Up: Start in standard missionary and lift your partner’s legs so that her ankles rest on your shoulders. By lifting her legs, you allow for deeper penetration and more contact with the G-Spot.

Woman On Top: Lean up against your headboard with some liberator sex pillow behind your back so that your body’s at a 45-degree angle. Have your lady straddle you, with one leg on either side of your hips. If this angle doesn’t work, try sitting up or leaning back more. Find which angle works best for you two.

3. Clitoral Stimulation

Hitting the clitoris during intercourse is much more difficult than it is to hit the G-Spot. As such, we’re choosing positions that best hit the clitoris but also allow either you or her to stimulate the clitoris while penetrating.

Coital Alignment Technique: Start in the missionary position with you between her legs and maneuver yourself so that your pelvis is slightly higher on her body that it is during missionary. In this position, she should grind instead of thrust. By changing the alignment of her pelvis, your pubic bone rubs up against her clitoris. This is something she’ll like very, very much.

Tight Doggy: Like I mentioned above, traditional doggy has the man’s legs in between hers, but in this variation, place your legs outside of hers and make sure hers are held together. This creates a tighter fit, therefore making it more likely to hit the clitoris. If not, reach around and stimulate it for her.

X Marks The Spot: With your partner on her back and your pelvises at the same height, lift her legs, cross them at the ankles and rest said ankles on your shoulders. Enter her and you will find that there is a much tighter fit and that you have much easier access to her clit.

4. Indirect Clitoral Stimulation

This is a technique I learned reviewing, a wonderful paid website dedicated to educating audiences on the female orgasm.

A technique I found particularly effective is called “layering.” This technique means applying indirect pressure to the clitoris through its surrounding skin — something two out of three women get more pleasure from, according to research conducted by the website.

An effective layering technique is hilariously called: The Clit Sandwich. To prepare the said sandwich, use the skin alongside the clitoris to apply pressure to the sensitive clitoris (the skin on either side represent the bread, for visual purposes) and can be done through the panties if you’re so inclined.

Easy enough, right? If not, there’s an even easier technique to apply and that’s sliding your fingers over the clitoral hood (not the clitoris itself) when it’s wet.

5. Sex Toys

Some guys feel threatened by sex toys, and I get it. These things were created for sexual pleasure so there’s a slight chance they may outperform us. But they don’t, that’s just silly. Instead of viewing a toy as a nemesis, see it instead as an ally, a tag-team partner.

Best Vibrating Panties Reviews

Vibrating Panties (Click here to read review)

If you’re a tad reluctant of this prospect, perhaps this will help. Research from the infamous Kinsey Institute found that women who masturbate with vibrators experience higher levels of desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasm. Kind of tough to disagree with, isn’t it? 

6. Lube

Haven’t had sex with lube? Give it a shot, trust me on this. Research out of Indiana University found that women who use lube report significantly more sexual satisfaction than those who forgo the slippery stuff.

Guide to female orgasm

The study surveyed 2,453 women, each of which was assigned one of six water- or silicone-based lubricants during either intercourse or a solo session. The study ultimately found both lubes were better than no lube. So there you go. I recommend Wicked Sensual Care.

Pipedream Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator Review 2020

You have probably tried some Pipedream products but if you haven’t tried the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator, then you haven’t had the fun yet. This is not just a sex toy but a monster of it.

I particularly love this mega masturbator because I am an ass-grabber. My lovemaking isn’t complete without a nice spanking and grabbing that ass, and boy, this sex toy comes with such a humongous ass!

The fuck me silly mega masturbator is shaped like the lower half of a woman, and it is super-hotly shaped. This takes out the feeling of using it as a toy, making the whole experience so realistic.

Features of Pipedream Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator

Two openings

There are two openings each with a different size and circumference from the other.  Despite the difference in circumference, the texture of the openings is similar so you can screw whichever hole you want.

Distinct Patterning

Each canal has a distinct patterning on its internal sleeve but the toy lacks any self-heating feature, vibrations or even VR compatibility. This is understood to make the experience as real as possible (real pussies don’t vibrate, neither do they heat themselves unless hit really hard!). This toy is for getting in, out, in, out and of course cumming.

Fuck Me Silly uses Fanta-Flesh, which feels so real that you can’t even imagine this is a toy. Fanta Flesh engulfs and massages your penis once it is in.


Weighing approximately 21 pounds, the first undoing about it is that it is not portable. You can push it under your bed or into a closet when you’re done but you can’t take it with you when you go visiting a friend.

​Air Pressure Hole

There is a small hole on top of this sex toy. That is the air pressure toy whose main purpose is to let air in and out of the toy. Look at it like a vent, which prevents your toy from ballooning up or even bursting when you’re spanking that ass or using it for love making.


The toy measures 14 x 17 x 16 inches.

What is Included in the package?

Pipedream Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator Review

When your shipment arrives, be sure to sweat over it (no, not that way!) to carry it and of course open. We already said the toy alone weighs 7 Kgs.

The carton has a picture of the masturbator on it with other porn pictures beside it and, to escape attracting any nasty looks when you fetch it from the delivery guy, select ‘gift wrapping’ option when placing the order.

The carton is sealed using a packing tape which needs a razor to cut open.

You need to be extra careful when cutting because, digging too deep with razor is likely to cut the enclosed sex toy. It is packaged securely in the fitting Styrofoam to avoid any hazard occurring to it.

Besides the Fuck Me Silly Masturbator, the package will also contain the following:

  • A water-based lubricant
  • A toy cleaning solution
  • Renewal powder
  • Paper work

The water-based lubricant isn’t included by chance, you are advised to always use a water-based lubricant with Fuck Me Silly. Refrain from silicone or other oils because they are likely to degrade your toy’s surface and make it wear out faster.

The renewal powder is meant to renew or revive the toy. With constant pounding and spanking, the toy’s surface, especially the ass, is likely to go pale and a bit tacky.

Pipedream Fuck Me Silly

The renewal powder revives this surface, gives it back its initial glam as if it’s new. You don’t want to feel like you’re digging into a worn out pussy!

You simply sprinkle some of this powder on the surface that has gone tacky and gentle rub it. Better, sprinkle after every couple of uses to avert any effect on that surface.

At some point the powder will get used up and you will have to order a new one. You can save a penny by buying some corn starch from a grocery near you, which works just like the renewal powder.

The synthetic material used to manufacture this toy makes it durable and won’t break up with you after a short period of time. The design is also simple that anyone can use this toy, so long as they have a dick and a will to smash.

Do we really need to tell you how to use it? Hell no, go ahead and pound that ass! We will tell you how to clean up once you’re done.

Cleaning Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator

This one is a snap. You might think that after every session you will just dip the whole toy in water, rinse it and pull it out to dry. Well, that might be easy but your toy will no longer be that sexy bitch you were smashing but some female octogenarian with sagging hips.

The manufacturer insists that you should not allow water get into the toy because the foam inside will shrink. Which means you need to be careful not to submerge it fully in water.

Say you’re using a roomy kitchen sink, and have that toy cleaner that came in handy. The best place to start cleaning is the holes, the pussy and the asshole, then the exterior surface of the toy.

Get a tall-necked faucet and spray water through one of the two holes. These holes are connected so water from one hole will get out through the other. For about a minute, let water run through them so that you can get your cum and the lubricant out.

Now get a soap and splash some into any of the two holes and using your fingers, rub around both holes thoroughly until you are contented that all the dirt is out, then get your sprayer and rinse the holes again. If you aren’t convinced about its cleanliness, you can repeat the process, but remember that the hole on top of the toy should not be submerged in water.

Shake the toy to get all the water out then let it dry on the counter. Once it is dry, apply your renew powder or the corn starch before storage.

Fucking Fuck Me Silly is more or less like making love to a real woman. The only thing you might not get from this toy is the cuddle and the clinging that a woman gives you when she’s approaching cloud nine but of all the toys, this is the closest you get to smashing real pussy.

Pros and Cons of Fuck Me Silly Masturbator


  • Comes with two separate entries (holes).
  • The design is simple and easy to use.
  • Does not need power connection like most toys.
  • Made of synthetic material which is safe and durable.
  • Easy to clean after use.
  • You can maintain its new look using the renewal powder.
  • Its weight makes it withstand your weight.
  • A pressure air hole helps deflate it when you’re pounding so that it doesn’t balloon up and lose shape.
  • You can choose to have it delivered discreetly via ‘Gift wrapping’ option.


  • This toy is quite heavy and large, which makes impossible to carry around when travelling.
  • Fuck Me Silly is too oversimplified which denies it much sensation.
  • Sometimes as you are vigorously pounding on it, it slides along the table, bed or wherever you have placed it.
  • Delicate. Once water gets into the toy through the air pressure hole, it’s done.
  • Has that chemical/plastic odor when it’s new.

Editor’s Note

Some of the cons are things that Pipedream can work on (like improving it to have bolts so that it doesn’t move and spoil the fun right before you climax) while others we have to live with (like it not being portable).

Many sites that sell it however have it reported as being ‘Out Of Stock’ while the manufacturer says only two are left in stock at the time of writing this, something that just spells what a hit this toy is with male masturbators.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pipedream Fuck Me Silly Masturbator

How big is this mega masturbator?

It measures 14 x 17 x 16 inches and weighs 21 pounds.

Is this thing portable?

With its size and weight, Fuck me silly isn’t portable.

Does it come with batteries?

This is a non-electric sex toy which doesn’t need power to function. Only you need to be charged to use it.

How long does it take before this chemical smell goes away?

Approximately three sexual sessions and washings and it’s good.

What’s this third hole for, the top hole?

That’s not for a blow-job obviously, it’s an air pressure job. Don’t let water into it; it deflates the toy as you fuck it so that it does not bulge and lose shape or worse burst.

My masturbator lost color in the ass just a few months after I bought it. How do I reduce this, it still is new.

Smear the renewal powder on the surface of the sex toy after every masturbating session.

Does it have a warranty?

No, it doesn’t.


Fleshlight Launch VR Reviews (Video Manual and How It Works)

Let me confess, I watch porn a lot, both for the thrill of it and to get ready for some big action and every time I am watching porn I am like, dude! How I wish I was that guy hitting that blonde, as she reveals her nasty side.

My previous masturbation experience was a little boring, taking into account that I was used to manual toys. Unlike interactive toys, manual toys require your involvement 100% of the time. No links to porn sites. No VR headsets. I had to look for something that would take me to the world of porn-actors.

That’s how I landed on the Fleshlight Launch interactive VR sex toy. With a virtual reality sex toy, I am actually replacing that dude on the blonde! Yes, I take charge and feel whatever the guy who did that video felt.

What is Fleshlight Launch?

Fleshlight Lauch VR Sex Toy

Fleshlight launch VR is a virtual reality sex toy for men which turns wishes into real shit. Fleshlight Launch gives you a choice in case you want to manually use it alone to masturbate or enjoy the experience of an X-rated video.

Two companies Kiiroo and Fleshlight, both honchos in the manufacture of sex toys, put their heads together and brought us this beast.

Kiiroo is responsible for the toy’s high-tech features while Fleshlight took care of providing high-quality materials that were used to manufacture Fleshlight Launch’s masturbatory accessories.

This sex toy comes with two operating modes; interactive and manual. The manual option lets you control the machine’s speed/length of strokes and their frequency. Interactive, on the other hand, lets you sit back, relax and enjoy your strokes with your hands fully free.

Features of Fleshlight Launch Interactive Reality Sex Toy

Body safe materials

Fleshlight, the company that worked on the sex toy’s materials made sure that it is non-porous, well chromed and coated so as not to harm you in any way.

Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

This is a feature that you might not have encountered in other toys. Why should a sex toy need Bluetooth connectivity though? Hang on there.


Fleshlight Launch comes with an inbuilt battery that is rechargeable. It also comes with a USB cable.

Compatible with other toys

Well, not all the toys but with Fleshlight sex toys only (excluding Ice, Turbo, Go, Flight and any Quickshot product). It also is compatible with Still, on compatibility, Fleshlight Launch is compatible with any standard Fleshlight case (Black, Blue, Gold, Pearl, and Silver) and with VR goggles.

Password Protected

I am one selfish person, and if you don’t want to share such sweet stuff like me, then you can lock and protect this one with a password.

What is Inside the Fleshlight Launch Shipping Box?

Like a kid who is afraid of slipping into new clothes, I was also sweaty when I first held the box containing my Fleshlight Launch. For the lack of a better term, I’ll call the packaging high-end. It looks masculine and high-tech.

Once I opened the box, I found two Styrofoam support panels that had a logo, bracing the thin plastic in which my Fleshlight Launch was wrapped. It was covered in this temporary dust cover which once removed, revealed the master of a beast beneath it.

The box also had a small sealed plastic nestled in the box’s cavity and it includes the following accessories:

  • USB Charger
  • Certificate of authenticity (used to activate Fleshlight Launch 1-year warranty)
  • Quick start guide.
  • An instructional guide that is written in multiple languages.

Fleshlight Launch Sex Toy: Design, Weight & Controls

Despite the set up outside its box showing that the Fleshlight Launch can stand upright on its own, the bottom can’t support the weight.

Fleshlight launch Review

This is because it is made of cushioned and flexible rubber material which is apparently designed to ensure it comfortably contours when you press it against your body.

This launch measures 12.75 inches in height and about 6 inches in width. An empty Launch weighs 3 pounds while the addition of a Fleshlight makes it about 4 pounds heavy.

For manual controls, adjusting stroking speed and length, the Launch is equipped with an LED button. There is a button that allows you to select your preferred operating mode. They are not really ‘buttons’ but touch surfaces on either side of the Launch.

Setting up Fleshlight Launch for the First Time

Setting up a Fleshlight Launch is quite easy. Before you get down to work, make sure that the Fleshlight launch is fully charged.

  • Push the Fleshlight into the Launch’s top and twist it to have it locked in place.
  • Use a lubricant and thoroughly lubricate your penis as well as the Fleshlight.  This male sex toy can work with any water-based lubricant. However, dense lubricants hinder the toy’s performance especially in effectively stroking you.
  • Now you can switch the device on by long-pressing the power button on the Launch for about three seconds.

Using the Fleshlight Launch Manual Mode

Once powered on, you will notice that the ‘mode’ button is blue in color. This indicates that the Fleshlight Launch is in interactive mode (which is its default mode) and you can change to the manual mode by long-pressing the button for three seconds again.

Fleshlight lauch VR Review

This allows you to control the length, frequency, and speed of the stroking. Using the left control button, you can swipe away to increase the stroking speed, and stroke towards you to reduce the speed.

The right control, on the other hand, adjusts the stroking’s starting position, with the furthest spot of the button starting the stroking at a higher spot and the nearest spots beginning the stroking at the lower point of your penis.

To begin the Fleshlight’s automatic stroking, insert your penis into the launch and press the power button and voila, a sensational experience! Did we say that you can enjoy up to 180 strokes per minute?

Setting up the Fleshlight Launch Interactive Mode

This is even more interesting because it submerges you fully into the 2D and VR content and allows you to experience touching (or being touched by) your lover over the internet. Besides, there are interactive video games that you can enjoy.

Like we pointed out, this toy uses Bluetooth signals when connecting to another device. This other device can be a webcam, VR goggles, phone or even computer for synced content.

Once you switch it on, the toy is on the interactive mode by default, with Bluetooth connection on. So the first thing to do is to strap your pair of VR goggles.

With the VR turned on and on your eyes, connect to the Launch through the Bluetooth connectivity. Once connected, whatever sucking, thrusting or blow jobbing that you see on your screen will be replicated on your dick. You can connect to any device of your choice or use the Feel Connect App using your smartphone.

You can also sex chat your partner who is physically distant, make love to her or both of you masturbate, mutually. Fleshlight Launch bridges the distance between people through the Interactive mode.

So you like porn, like me, no? Well, how about sharing the juice with that lad. You can connect to X-rated adult content on,, and even Pornhub and have the fun!

​Pros and Cons of Fleshlight Launch Interactive Virtual Reality Sex Toy

There are so many things that I liked about Fleshlight Launch, and of course, a few that were a turn-off. 

What I liked

  • Made using body-safe materials. This shows how much the manufacturer cares about the user.
  • The built-in battery is rechargeable through a micro-USB cable included in the package.
  • Can be password-protected.
  • The packaging is discreet.
  • Super-light and portable.
  • The battery lasts two hours of use once fully charged, two hours!
  • It can connect to your phone for FeelMe videos.
  • Quite.

What I did not like

  • Can’t stand on its own. It needs support.
  • This launch is not waterproof. Don’t use it in a shower-room.
  • Sometimes the control ‘buttons’ might frustrate you with their stubbornness.
  • Uses up so much lubricant.
  • The battery takes from 6-9 hours to charge fully. That’s a whole day of waiting.

FAQs about Fleshlight Launch Interactive Reality Male Sex Toy

Is Fleshlight Launch Noisy?

No. The fleshlight is quiet, and your partner may not even realize that you are nearing cloud nine. However, it does produce some sound when you increase the speed, but it is not too loud to invite unwanted guests.

How many strokes per minute does Fleshlight Launch produce?

In the manual mode, this Launch produces 180 strokes per minute.

Which VR goggle brands are compatible with Fleshlight Launch?

Fleshlight Launch can pair with Feel VR app through the Bluetooth. Once you have downloaded the app, you can use any VR headset and access any feel VR website.

What are Fleshlight Launch’s dimensions?

It measures 320 x 157 x 167.

How long does the Fleshlight Launch battery last?

The battery lasts 2 hours of use, and it requires to be charged for 6 to 9 hours before it can be used.


Kiiroo Onyx2 Male Masturbator Interactive Sex Toy Review 2020

Fellas, your masturbator-in-chief is here and this time, what I have with me is amazing! Look at it like you’d look at a mule, you know.

The name “Kiiroo Onyx2” is probably a new term that you’ve never heard before. For others, Kiiroo is the ultimate masturbator that they ever wish to own and get some personal fulfilment.

Kiiro Onyx2 Male Masturbator Unboxing 

If you have shopped for adult sex toys before then the names Kiiroo and Fleshlight make so much sense. These two brands are big shots when it comes to manufacturing adult sex toys. They once teamed to give us Fleshlight Launch which went ahead to be so successful and here, they have teamed again to blow our minds off.

If you really want not only a super-interactive sexual experience but also a powerful one in the absence of your partner, then Onyx2 is you all you need.

So, what makes us recommend Kiiroo Onyx2 Male masturbators as the bomb?

In this review, I look at the finer details of Kiiroo Onyx2 that makes it extremely popular for lonely bedroom, and why every man needs to have this gadget during their personal time.

Features of Kiiroo Onyx2​ Male Masturbator

Interactive: Can be Synced to Online Porn Videos

Kiiroo Onyx2 is an interactive sex toy, which means that it is synced to online porn videos from, or better still, you can sync it with your partner’s OhMiBod Fuse dildo who is miles away and bam, you’re smashing her “remotely”!

Kiiro Onyx2 Male Mastubator

Sex is gone techie guys and stop asking how, the package comes with VR goggles.

Add this to the Classic 2D videos and encoded video games to which this sex toy is synced and you will forget that your partner isn’t around.

Powerful Motor

Powerful is an understatement. In fact, Kiiroo Onyx2 is an animal. I called it a mule for a reason. In one minute, you may receive up to 140 powerful strokes. Run by an equally super-powerful motor, once you charge Kiiroo Onyx2 it can run for a full hour before you can recharge.

As aforementioned, Kiiroo Onyx2 can be charged for about 4-6 hours, which means you need to be really patient the first time you buy it.

Does the mention of a super-powerful motor make you cringe at the prospect of it being noisy? Easy, Kiiroo Onyx2 motor is very quiet compared to its earlier version and you won’t risk stealthy glances from workmates after you leave the shower-room after a lunch-break quickie.


A collaboration between Fleshlight and Kiiroo, Kiiroo Onyx2 is the latest after these companies came together previously to give us the successful Fleshlight Launch.

Kiiro Onyx2 Sleeve

Kiiroo offered the technology with Fleshlight delivering Super Skin, which patented materials on the Onyx2’s interior and orifice.

According to the manufacturer, this is their flagship model, and it has many reasons to be.

Since Onyx2 can be synced with other Kiiroo sex toys, just imagine sending and receiving signals from those other toys, touching and being touched via internet, isn’t that just magical!

10-Rings Sensation

There are 10 rings on the inside of Onyx that contract together to simulate a real-time experience, be it anal, vaginal or oral.

Kiiroo Onyx2 Review

It is made all more exciting by the sensory experience that is brought about by the 140 strokes, coupled with the Fleshlight-fitted Super Skin sleeve.

You will especially love it with any water-based lubricant.

If you climax to milking or suckling motions and you love extreme massaging contractions, what are you waiting for, go grab Kiiroo Onyx2!

Easy to clean

Once you finish your steamy session with any male masturbator sex toy, the first thing you should do is to clean it. Cleaning Kiiroo Onyx2 is incredibly easy. You just give it a fast rinse under a tap, then you shake for it to dry before giving it a few puffs from the toy cleaner and you’re good to go.

Lightweight and discreet

When I earlier told you that you can casually carry this sex toy to the washrooms for a lunch break quickie, we meant it.

Kiiroo Onyx2 is incredibly light, weighing just 2.9 pounds (this is about 1.3 Kgs) and measures only 26.3 cm long. This size makes it so portable and discreet so you don’t need to worry of revealing your hidden treasure.

Two operating modes

Kiiro Onyx Review

Yes, you read that right. Besides being automatic and interactive, this sex toy can also be operated manually.

Kiiroo comes with a touch sensitive track pad that helps you control the speed of stroking.

You can also set other control features manually, or set it to automatic mode and let your arms rest.

Components of the Kiiroo Onyx2 Package?

For starters, if you are afraid of boasting your masturbating prowess to workmates or boys out there, then you might be chewing nails wondering how you are going to ship in this new acquisition. Relax.

Onyx is delivered just like any other large office supply shipment, full in an unmarked box which can’t raise an eye. It comes protected by a garb that shields it from any damage that might be imminent while on transit.

Here are some of the items that will greet your eyes when you open the box:

  • Kiiroo Onyx2 interactive masturbator.
  • A packet of some water-based lubricant.
  • USB cable with which you will be charging your sex toy.
  • A protective end cap to help you when you open the toy.
  • A card of warranty registration.
  • An instruction manual written in multiple languages.

Getting Started With Kiiroo Onyx2 Masturbator

Once you’ve received the Kiiroo Onyx2 masturbator sex toys, it’s time to get down to business. You can go through the enclosed manual to know the do’s and don’ts of the device, and how to use it the right way.

Here are the basic steps that I followed when using my Kiiroo Onyx2 device:

  • Check the power level. The device should be fully charged. The charging of this device takes 4-6 hours.
  • Once you ascertain that it is fully charged, get ready a water-based lubricant in plenty. I emphasize on water-based because hey, don’t you want to use Kiiroo Onyx2 another time? Good, stick to water-based lubricants as silicone-based lubricants will damage your device’s interior.
  • Take the sleeve out and apply your water-based lubricant before powering on your Onyx2.
  • Use the front button to power on your Kiiroo Onyx2 and choose your preferred mode (Either automatic or manual mode). Look at the LED light below the power button to know when you switch to another model. The LED light turns purple on manual mode.
  • Once powered on, the device enters the interactive mode, and the Bluetooth connectivity mode is on. Bluetooth connectivity mode is vital for connecting your Onyx to your phone to use the interactive mode.

How to use the Kiiroo Onyx2 INTERACTIVE Mode (Step by Step)

To use the interactive mode, download and install Feel Me app on your phone, then connect the phone to for porn videos. You can as well connect it to Pornhub!

Kiiroo Onyx2 Manual Mode

Select a video of a guy naturally going through what you’d like the sex toy to offer, say a blow job.

There are hundreds of videos to choose from, but you chose that one of the guy getting a blow job, so now push your dick into it and enjoy the moment.

Have your phone positioned on a place where you can watch the action as you feel it, or get a damn VR pair of goggles.

Maybe you wanted to get intimate with your woman who lives in the other side of the ocean, all you need is to video chat her, and since Kiiroo Onyx2 is synced to her dildo, you can get down to enjoying that sensation from her, virtually!

This is possible since Kiiroo uses subtitling, a technology transmitting instruction signals on when and how the stroking should be done.

How to use MANUAL Mode (Step by Step)

Maybe you don’t want the interactive mode, you want to rule your destiny and therefore, you want to masturbate manually using Kiiroo Onyx2. Here is what you do.

Once you power it on and it is on interactive mode, press that button again to change to manual mode. The LED light should turn to purple.

Unlike the interactive mode where you are required to set, connect to a secondary device and maybe put on VR goggles, here you just push your dick into the Kiiroo Onyx2 device.​

You​ feel nothing yet? There is a touch-sensitive trackball that you can use to regulate the stroking speed. Regulate it to your preferred stroking speed then relax, enjoy the sensation.

Initially, Kiiroo Onyx2 sex toy might feel awkwardly robot-like, but this feeling dissipates with time as you master the controls then it turns out to be mind-blowing fun. You can decrease or increase the mechanical rhythm of the Kiiroo Onyx2 and cum when you desire.

Pros of Kiiroo Onyx2 Male Masturbators sex toy

  • Better pricing. With the quality and service of this beast, its price is quite reasonable.
  • Sturdy and light design.
  • The Super Skin sleeve from Fleshlight is so realistic.
  • Comes with two distinct modes, manual and interactive.
  • The syncing to Pornhub, FeelMe and other online pornographic material is just superb.
  • You can use it to get sexually intimate with your partner who is miles away.
  • Unlike its predecessor, Onyx2 is quiet.
  • Onyx2 enhances your endurance and stamina, thanks to the Fleshlight Superskin sleeve.

What I didn’t like about Kiiroo Onyx2

  • This sex toy feels robotic the first time you use it, but this feeling goes away gradually. 
  • Takes time to charge. Requires 4-6 hours of charging before it can be used.
  • Pricey.
  • There have been complains of the sex toy being under-sized (for small to medium-size dicks)

Frequently Asked Questions About Kiiroo Onyx2 Male Masturbator

Does Kiiroo Onyx2 come with a battery?

Yes, Kiiroo Onyx2 comes with a Lithium-ion Polymer battery that boasts 1000mAh.

How long does the Onyx2 battery hold, is it better than the previous version?

This sex toy can comfortably serve you for one full hour once it is fully charged. Once you buy it, ensure you fully charge it and fully deplete it so that you don’t tamper with the battery life.

How loud is Kiiroo Onyx2?

Kiiroo is quite, despite having a powerful motor. You can use it in the bathroom without raising eyebrows.

Is Kiiroo Onyx2 Manual or Automatic?

Onyx2 offers both automatic and manual mode, and you can choose the mode that you are most comfortable with. For the automatic mode, you can sync the device with porn sites like Pornhub and even incorporate VR googles to enhance your experience.

Is Kiiroo Onyx2 Portable?

Kiiroo Onyx2 weighs about 1.3 KGs and is as small as 10.4 inches long. As you can see, it is small, light and easy to carry around.


Despite a few masturbators reporting complaints on the size of the sex toy, an overwhelming majority are satisfied that this device is the best bang for the money. The stroking is heart-warming, and out of this world, it is one device that every man should have stucked somewhere in the wardrobe.

This device is reasonably price, taking into account the availability of interactive and manual modes, and the satisfaction that you will derive from using it. With Onyx2, you are likely to realize a whole new masturbation techniques that you never experienced before. Kiiroo Onyx2 is definitely worth every penny!

Jelqing Exercises & Results: Does It Really Work? (Myth Debunked)

Men have always been obsessed with the narrative that bigger is better. While this is not always true, some guys still harbor the idea of getting an extra inch in penile length.

Jelqing exercises are believed to have existed since the ancient Arab civilization. Despite their long existence, it has always been covered in mystique. Yes, there are men who used jelqing to increase sensitivity, but there is no confirmed scientific evidence that it has been used to get a bigger penis.

A quick search through YouTube and Reddit will probably produce results showing how guys used jelqing to double their penis size (a largely unconfirmed statement). Plus, the exercises shown in these platforms are dangerous, to say the least.

Let’s dive into the real Jelqing exercises and how they work, and debunk the mysteries that surround these penis enlargement exercises.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing exercises are believed to have started in the ancient Middle East, where men “got down to work” in attempt to get a bigger penis than their mates. It was a status symbol that commanded respect from peers.

Jelqing is a natural penis enlargement that involves squeezing and stroking a half-erect penis from the shaft to the tip of the head in an attempt to force blood flow to the tip and painlessly stretching the penis slowly.

The jelqing process mimics a cow milking process, and this explains why it is sometimes known as “penis milking”.

Jelqing, just like bodybuilding, requires a warm-up and enough rest between jelqing workout exercises to prevent injuries and blisters. Also, while doing these exercises, you should not get overzealous or start stretching the penis muscles too much because it can cause damage.

Does Jelqing Actually Work?

There is a mix of results. Some men say that they did see some positive gains in a period of two months while others say it does not work at all.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, there is a whole lot of scientific evidence that finds no substantial gains when using this method.

Doctors actually warn against applying too much pressure on the penis since this can cause vascular damage, erectile dysfunction and even curvature of the penis.

If you still want to get your hands dirty and test these exercises, you should practice caution by being gentle on your penis to avoid causing harm than good.

Will Jelqing get me a larger penis?

First, we have confirmed that there is no scientific evidence to back this expectation. In fact, the only sources of information on this subject are videos and photos on Reddit and YouTube of guys who say that they gained extra inches through jelqing.

I spent some time analyzing the videos, photos and reading testimonials authored by men who say that jelqing does produce results. I have my reservations about these testimonials, and you take this information with a pinch of salt.

What results will you get with Jelqing?

Using jelqing as a form of penis enlargement exercise may give you two types of results i.e. temporary or permanent results. Most guys out there recommend 200 penis strokes for about 20 minutes every day for at least 2 months.

When starting, take the measurements of an erect penis from the tip of the penis to the pubic bone near the balls. Note down the measurements. As soon as you start jelqing, you are likely to see some results by the second week.

Take measurements every two weeks of both the penile length and girth and note any significant changes that you see or feel. If you are consistent, you should be able to see some gains (if any) in one or two months.

From the videos and stories I analyzed, most guys mentioned that they gained anywhere from 0.3 inches to 1.2 inches in penile length.

PS: If you have tried jelqing or you’ve decided to give it a shot, please post in the comments about your experience and the results you achieve (d).

Again, when jelqing, be gentle on yourself and do not be overzealous with the exercises. Going overboard may leave you with a broken penis or with a curvature of the penis.

Other Alternative Exercises Apart from Jelqing

If you are still focused on packing more below the belt, there are safer alternatives that you can consider. Some of these techniques are easy to implement and are backed by scientific evidence.

Shed off some weight

Accumulating too much fat in your belly and in the legs will make your penis look smaller than it actually is. Start working out to shed off that fat, and your little guy will show up even larger.

Shave pubic hair

Growing some long pubic hair will make your dick appear like it is hidden in some thick thicket.

Shaving off the hair can reveal the monster of a dick hidden behind the thicket, and you will look bigger and appetizing. Plus, you will be more presentable to your partner who has been dying to give you the ride or blowjob that you have wishing to get.

Penis Traction Devices

Penis traction devices borrow from the jelqing exercises, only that they involve using clinically-tested devices to apply tension to the penis muscles.

The traction device must be used daily for about 4 hours daily, and continue using it for about 4 to 6 months in order to see actual results. Penis pumps such as Bathmate use a similar technique only that it works by applying suction to the penis shaft.

Penis traction devices have been the subject of various clinical studies to test their effectiveness in increasing penis length and correcting penis curvature. At the inception, traction devices were used by doctors as a post-surgery tool to correct the Peyronies disease.

A 2011 study published in the Journal of Sex medicine by the Urology Research Center at Sina Hospital attempted to investigate whether the use of penis traction devices increases penile length and girth. 23 men with a “short penis” condition were sampled and instructed to wear the Golden Erect (®) traction device for 4 to 6 hours for the first two weeks of training and 9 hours per day until the end of the third month.

Four of the sampled subjects gained up to an inch in penile length and an insignificant gain in girth. The researchers found that there was a possibility of using a penile extender to increase penile length.

Penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement is seen as a preserve of men with balls-in-pockets due to their expensive nature. In fact, the cost of a penis enlargement surgery is estimated to be in excess of $10, 000.

While there are people who have gone through a penis enlargement surgery successfully, there have been horror stories of botched surgeries. A recent example is when a Billionaire diamond trader died at a private Paris clinic during a penis enlargement surgery.

Considering the risk involved with penis surgeries, it would be safer to try natural penis enlargement options that don’t put your life on the line.

What Is the Best Jelqing Routine?

Follow these routines if you want to try jelqing:

Apply lube to lubricate the penis: Apply your preferred lube (you can also use coconut oil, Vaseline or lotion) to make it easy to stretch the penis, and reduce friction and irritation during the exercise.

Get the penis erect to around 50%. Stroke the penis gently to make it erect to around 30 to 50 % erection level, but not fully erect. This level will make it easy to stretch.

Use the OK grip: Use your thumb and index finger to make an okay grip, and grab the penis inside the grip. The grip should start from the bottom of the shaft (near the balls) and use your fingers to move up the penis, in a gentle manner.

Upward finger movement: Start the grip from the bottom of the shaft (near the balls) and use your fingers to move up the penis towards the penis head, in a gentle manner. Release the grip before you get to the tip. This completes one jelqing exercise, which takes about 3 seconds. Each grip should be a little tight to feel the stretching, but not too tight to cause irritation.

Repeat the process: Repeat the exercise again, and use the same hard if you are comfortable, or you can alternate between your hands. You can also try different grips until you find what you are most comfortable with. Make sure to try this exercise for about 20 minutes daily, and carry on for about two months.

If you are looking for a more detailed procedure, you should check out the JP 90 Day Routine introduced by JonPop at PEGym.