Do Penis Extenders Really Work? [Debunking the Myths]

With the dozens of horror stories around penis surgery, most men are considering a safer alternative; the penis extender, also known as penis stretcher.

Penis extenders are non-invasive, and they help men with a short penis to get a bigger and thicker penis without having to swallow pills or even go under the knife. Yes, that really happens!

And to support the effectiveness of penis extenders, an article published on the British Journal of Urology proved that penis extenders can be used to extend a man’s penis length. According to the article, researchers found that the device increased the flaccid penis length of men who participated in the study by at least one inch.

Yes, an average of one inch, meaning some men reported even higher results. That is not a myth, but the reality.

Why Men Want a Bigger Penis?

Every man wants to pack more. Not just for sexual satisfaction, but even for the confidence. For example, a 7-inch guy is more likely to ask a girl out compared to a 3-inch guy who may shy away for fear of being unable to perform. It is man’s nature to want more, every time.

Men generally experience anxiety over their penis size. This type of phobia is known as penile dysmorphobia, which is a disorder characterized by an obsession with perceived defects in one’s penis length. This explains why men are turning to Pornhub and other pornography sites to compare notes.

Generally, the average flaccid penis length measures about 3 inches, while the average erect penis length is 5 to 6 inches. The feeling of inadequacy among men who fall below this threshold has led them to consider different penis enlargement methods such as surgery, penis traction and male enlargement supplements.

If you are not sure what results to expect, see these SizeGenetics before and after pics.

How to Use a Penis Extender?

Doctors recommend using the penis extender at least 6 hours each day for at least 6 months. If your schedule allows, you can increase this to 7 or 8 hours every day.

However, for men with a busy lifestyle, sex experts recommend wearing the device for a minimum 4 hours every day. Anything less than this will require you to wait a little longer than 6 months to get the results you desire.

If you are unable to wear the device during the day, you can still wear it at night as you sleep. This may work if you do not turn or move a lot in bed. If you turn frequently at night, you may get injured in the process.

When to Stop Using a Penis Stretcher

There are various scenarios when you may stop using a penis extender. One of these instances is if you have suffered penis injuries as a result of continuous use of the extender. Such injuries may occur at the onset of the training, before your body adjusts to the training. If you suffer blisters during the training, you should pause the training briefly to give your penis time to heal. Only resume the training once you are comfortable wearing the device.

You can also stop using the penis extender after you have achieved your target results. The good thing with penis extenders is that any results obtained during the training are permanent and irreversible. Therefore, stopping the training will not reverse any gains you have achieved.

If you still want to proceed with the training even after achieving the desired results, you can reduce the number of hours you wear the device to 2 to 4 hours every day. You can reduce the number of hours gradually before terminating the training.

Hottest (Neglected) Erogenous Zones for Women to Increase Pleasure

Do you want to take sex to the supreme level? Locate the female erogenous zones and your sexual adventures will be unsurpassed.

When you familiarize yourself with the areas where the nerve endings are closest to her skin, sex will be even hotter. Her reaction will have you hot and horny, and she’ll lose herself in the sheer excitement you provide her with your fingers or anything else you have on hand.

Keep in mind all women are different so what arouses one won’t work for another but with communication and patience, you’ll discover where her magical orgasm button is.

Pleasure Zone 1: Her Lips

Erogenous Zones for Women

Sheril Kirshenbaum says our lips are the most exposed and underrated of all the erogenous zones.

The truth is when kissing is used as foreplay the ensuing sex is more intoxicating because it takes the participants to another level of awareness depending on its quality.

Using your lips and tongue to explore her body and find more sensual places on her generates a type of response that can only be described as electrifying.

A kiss can make or break a potential relationship. Don’t get filed under ‘bad kisser’ and friend-zoned by racing through it thinking you’ll get her in bed more quickly.

Take your time so both of you can get immersed in each other like you’re the only two people alive. If you’re not an experienced smoocher or you just need a refresher course, study the art of French kissing, so you’ll leave her wanting more of you.

Pleasure Zone 2: Her Neck 

The neck is an underutilized erogenous zone for women thought only to be popular with sex-crazed teenagers who mark their territory with hickeys. Most adult women don’t want you to suck their necks because it leaves marks so keep that in mind when you’re in this area. 

Ideally, when you plant your warm lips on her neck, it should spark a chain reaction of goose bumps, making her shiver slightly. Make sure to remember what she likes for the next session.

Start by applying light but firm kisses along the side of her neck, then pull her hair up at the back and start caressing her nape with your lips and tongue.

If she doesn’t stop you because tickling is like torture to her, start to use a lighter kissing technique. If things go well, try nibbling the side of her neck; it’s highly erotic and to some women, it plays into the erotic and forbidden vampire domination scenario.

Pleasure Zone 3: Her Nipples

Nipple sensitivity varies among women. Some like them to be gently caressed, licked and sucked while some like them pulled, pinched hard and twisted.

According to Health Line, the sensation from stimulating nipples feels the same as the feeling of increased blood flow to her clit and vulva during heightened sexual arousal. So communicate with your partner to make sure that the methods to awaken her nipples are pleasurable whether she’s into pain or not.

Some ways to make her nipples stand erect employ the use of fingers, tongue, teeth, lips, or even the head of your penis. Try these steps to get you started.  If her nipples aren’t that sensitive, and she wants a more intense sensation leading to a nipple orgasm try this accessory, which leaves you free to move on to another area to increase her chances of indulging in mind-blowing pleasure.

Pleasure Zone 4: Her Clitoris

The gold standard in erogenous zones for women is, of course, the clitoris boasting eight thousand nerve endings (give or take) that sends messages to the brain that the body is in a sexually aroused state. 

Have you ever heard of some women being so hyper sensitive they cum just by crossing their legs? It’s because of all those little neurotransmitters of pleasure packed into that fleshy little mound of joy.

What you see peeking out of its hood is only a quarter of how big a clitoris really is. The rest of its fleshy goddess is located inside her body.

Approach the clit gently because it’s full of nerves so don’t just start chowing down on it. Read this, so you are knowledgeable in the art of causing a female orgasm with your fingers, and so you’ll make her clitoris happy. When you’ve mastered the fingering technique, go ahead and use your mouth to bring her to the seventh heaven.

Pleasure Zone 5: Her G-spot

Guide to the Female Orgasm

The G-spot is a mystery, so much so that some people think it’s a fallacy. The gynecologist who discovered it, Ernst Gräfenberg, had scientists baffled for decades because they can’t figure out where it is according to his directions so don’t feel bad if it takes you a while to find it. 

Your efforts won’t go unnoticed because when this area is activated, the outcome is exhilarating orgasms, and the ability to cause female ejaculation or squirting so don’t give up!

Slip your fingers into the first one to two inches of her vagina. It’s at the top of the front vaginal wall and then between the vaginal opening and her urethra.

Make sure she takes a trip to the toilet before getting started in case she does pee, but if you’re into golden showers, you can skip that step. Be prepared for a geyser to erupt when you find it and whatever you do keep going until she tells you to stop!

Pleasure Zone 6: Her A-Spot

This female erogenous zone was discovered in 1993 by Dr. Chua Chee Ann, a Malaysian sexologist, sex therapist, and the ‘Christopher Columbus’ of the female libido.

He was looking for a way to help women overcome lubrication problems when he stumbled upon this little nugget that’s nestled near the G-spot. The doctor reports that if she is responsive to stimulating this area, her vagina will lubricate quickly, and she’ll be ready for penetration within one minute so pay attention boys!

While she’s on her back, use your fingers and follow the front wall of her vagina (facing her tummy) don’t go past the cervix (a long ‘tube’ that’s part of the uterus) because you’ll wind up back in G-spot territory.

If you have a long penis, try activating the A-spot with it or if your member is an average size go ahead and use one of these magical sex extenders. Have fun and use a combination of methods to make her shower you with orgasmic fluid.

Pleasure Zone 7: Her O-Spot

How to pleasure her like a pro

The O-spot is my personal favorite and trust me if you found the other spots, this treasure trove will be a breeze to discover. Lay her down on her back and penetrate her vagina with your fingers, and go past the A-spot. 

Turn your fingers down towards the floor until they touch the spongy flesh. Start exploring around the area with your fingers and watch her for signs she’s getting into it like when her eyes flutter and roll back in her head.

Having long digits and a John Holmes sized penis is a bonus but not necessary because there are an array of erotic toys that will do the job for you like this dildo and don’t forget to buy lube to make the insertion smoother.

If your partner prefers a more organic approach and she doesn’t care about props, try this position.  Careful, though, once she tries this one out you might never get back on top again so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Male Masturbator Review 2021

Fellow masturbators, we should all honor Fleshlight for the joy they bring to our lives. These fellas are always churning out quality pretty pussies for us.

Fleshlight Stamina training unit is among the most talked about fleshlight on the internet, coming second after Destroya. Stamina Training Unit counters the biggest bedroom problem a man can encounter, stamina.

How Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit works

Guys, we all know how we’d feel if we pre-ejaculated when getting intimate with our partners. It is always our fault and you will hang your head in shame knowing she isn’t satisfied and we are a letdown.

Fleshlight STU Review

They say practice makes perfect. So you need to train how to last long in bed and satisfy her. But practicing on a woman to last long will not only tire her out but also a little weird.

This toy has been designed just like the real pussy to specifically enhance your bedroom sexual prowess. It does this by training you how to control the speed of your ejaculation. With Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, you will learn to control continuous stimulation and high level of arousal.

The design of the toy makes this possible and achievable.

Design of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

The Fleshlight STU is 10 inches long with the canal diameter measuring 4 inches. Made of phthalate-free and non-toxic materials, this toy is so easy to clean and maintain.

Fleshlight STU review

The inner surface of this toy has several bumps that are large and protrude deep into its canal. The close positioning of these bumps to each other forms a very dense texture which runs along the whole entire canal.

The dense texture brought about by the bumps intensely stimulates your dick. It feels like several finger tips pressing, caressing and massaging the head of your dick, its rim and shaft from every side. This in turn gives you an overwhelmingly stimulating sensation.

That is not all. These long-stemmed bumps will also grab your dick tightly, add this to the strong suction effect and what you enjoy is a fantastic stimulation that will result in a powerful orgasm minutes later during your continuous ‘dick-digging’ in the canal.

For you to delay your orgasm, you will have to vary the stroking speed or take a short break. By practicing with STU, you can improve this skill as well as the threshold of your own sexual arousal and stimulation.

You can’t get the results immediately you start using this toy since practice takes time before perfection but with its regular use, you will gradually improve your masturbation time.

In summary, Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit helps you to;

  • Increase your sexual performance and satisfy your partner by lasting longer
  • Improve on your performance and withstand stimulation and orgasm for long before ejaculating
  • Heighten and make your orgasms intense
  • Control your mental state which also affects how fast you will ejaculate

Fleshlight STU Packaging

Fleshlight STU comes packaged in an exclusive special edition gold case modeled like a fleshlight. In the casing you will also find a lubricant while the user manual is emailed to you in form of an e-book.

Using Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit for the First Time

What would you like to gain from the Fleshlight STU? Maybe you are a first timer. Let’s go through each step.

  • Start by warming up the toy. Ever seen a cold pussy? It’s always warm. Similarly, remove the tube from its casing and immerse it in hot water. How long you will warm it depends on how warm you want it, so if you feel the temperature is at a level you would like it to be, take it out.
  • Lubricate the STU. The package comes with a sample lubricant. Just like she gets wet during foreplay, make your fake pussy wet by applying some lubricant. A warm toy will also mean easier and faster spreading of the lubricant.
  • Make your dick hard. Well, what turns you on, faster? Use it to get your dick erect. You might even fantasize about your crash or fiddle with your dick, do whatever you do when you want your dick hard.
  • Lubricate your dick. Now that your dick is hard, lubricate it too. Ensure you do this since the STU is such a dry silicone.
  • Insert your dick into the toy and use your hand to slide it inside the toy.

Tips when using Fleshlight STU

You will realize that the STU is so tight, probably like a virgin or maybe when trying anal sex. However, with the lubrication you are to enjoy the tightness even more.

Besides, you can use the top cap to adjust the tightness to your preferred size. Completely tightening up the end cap will give you a mind-blowing suction and you will feel like you are receiving some amazing blowjob.

Loosening the end cap on the other hand makes you extend your sexual endurance and you will go for longer. This is a great feature, allowing you to decide how tight you would like your pussy to be and this will see you gradually improve.

Fleshlight is designed for both straight and gay men. The Fleshlight Pink Lady is a female-mimic for pussy lovers while gay people have the Fleshjack Endurance Jack as an option to train with.

Cleaning Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

At the end of the day you will splash a load into this unit. And what will happen to it? You will have to clean it, together with the lubricant, so that it lasts you long and doesn’t grow molds with some awful odor.

Cleaning this unit isn’t easy. However, it may take some time to clean because sperm residues and the lubricant are trapped between the closely-positioned bumps. To ensure that the inner canal is thoroughly cleaned, you should turn the insert inside out.

You can wash it under running water using soap until you are sure it is totally clean. Due to the long time that this unit usually takes to dry, you can use paper towels and wipe the inner canal so that it will take a shorter time to dry.

While this unit comes designed like any other male sex toy, it is largely a training unit. With regular use, it should help you regain your confidence in the bedroom, hit the pussy for long, and help you improve your sexual competence.

To keep the unit in shape, the manufacturer advises you to buy a restoration powder which will keep it fresh when applied after use.

What I like about Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

  • It is discretely packaged in a way that nobody will know what little secret you are carrying
  • We really liked the fact that Fleshlight thought out of the box and considered those people who were having difficulties in bedroom. This STU is a great replacement for pills and supplements
  • The toy plays a two-in-one role of giving you stimulation and sexual pleasure while at the same time training with it
  • Made using body-safe materials. The internal canal is pillow-soft and pliable.
  • Comes in a flashy golden casing
  • Adjustable end caps increase or decrease the suction in the chamber
  • You can choose to warm or cool the internal textured sleeve for different sensations
  • If washed and maintained properly, it can last for so long
  • There is a Fleshjack version training unit for gay men.
  • This unit is budget-friendly.

What I did not like

  • The tightness might prove problematic to some users
  • Tedious to clean and takes long to dry
  • After heavy use, maintaining its original shape is difficult

Frequently Asked Questions About Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

What is the size of the STU?

It measures 10 inches long, the insatiable length is 9.5 inches, and the diameter is about 4 inches.

Can I use oil-based lubricants?

No, strictly use water-based lubricants because the other lubricants might destroy the unit

Does it come with a user guide?

Yes. An e-book instructional manual is sent to your email after purchase.

What box is Fleshlight STU delivered in?

It arrives in a brown card box.

I don’t want people to know that I ordered it, is my privacy guaranteed?

100% percent. The shipping is done discretely with ILF, LLC as the return address. Nobody will know what you just received.

Will this unit help me last longer?

The unit is aimed at training you to go for long in bed without ejaculating

How long will I take before I start seeing the results?

Like in any training that will depend on how regular you do it. You will most likely see results in 2-3 weeks or less.


Fleshlight STU is a great alternative for men who are tired with sex enhancement pills and other supplements after a disastrous bedroom performance. However, it is not to be overused to replace the real thing. You should use it 3 to 4 times per week in order to get results that prove to your partner the bedroom bully you’ve become.


Kiiroo Onyx2 Male Masturbator Interactive Sex Toy Review 2021

Fellas, your masturbator-in-chief is here and this time, what I have with me is amazing! Look at it like you’d look at a mule, you know.

The name “Kiiroo Onyx2” is probably a new term that you’ve never heard before. For others, Kiiroo is the ultimate masturbator that they ever wish to own and get some personal fulfilment.

Kiiro Onyx2 Male Masturbator Unboxing 

If you have shopped for adult sex toys before then the names Kiiroo and Fleshlight make so much sense. These two brands are big shots when it comes to manufacturing adult sex toys. They once teamed to give us Fleshlight Launch which went ahead to be so successful and here, they have teamed again to blow our minds off.

If you really want not only a super-interactive sexual experience but also a powerful one in the absence of your partner, then Onyx2 is you all you need.

So, what makes us recommend Kiiroo Onyx2 Male masturbators as the bomb?

In this review, I look at the finer details of Kiiroo Onyx2 that makes it extremely popular for lonely bedroom, and why every man needs to have this gadget during their personal time.

Features of Kiiroo Onyx2​ Male Masturbator

Interactive: Can be Synced to Online Porn Videos

Kiiroo Onyx2 is an interactive sex toy, which means that it is synced to online porn videos from, or better still, you can sync it with your partner’s OhMiBod Fuse dildo who is miles away and bam, you’re smashing her “remotely”!

Kiiro Onyx2 Male Mastubator

Sex is gone techie guys and stop asking how, the package comes with VR goggles.

Add this to the Classic 2D videos and encoded video games to which this sex toy is synced and you will forget that your partner isn’t around.

Powerful Motor

Powerful is an understatement. In fact, Kiiroo Onyx2 is an animal. I called it a mule for a reason. In one minute, you may receive up to 140 powerful strokes. Run by an equally super-powerful motor, once you charge Kiiroo Onyx2 it can run for a full hour before you can recharge.

As aforementioned, Kiiroo Onyx2 can be charged for about 4-6 hours, which means you need to be really patient the first time you buy it.

Does the mention of a super-powerful motor make you cringe at the prospect of it being noisy? Easy, Kiiroo Onyx2 motor is very quiet compared to its earlier version and you won’t risk stealthy glances from workmates after you leave the shower-room after a lunch-break quickie.


A collaboration between Fleshlight and Kiiroo, Kiiroo Onyx2 is the latest after these companies came together previously to give us the successful Fleshlight Launch.

Kiiro Onyx2 Sleeve

Kiiroo offered the technology with Fleshlight delivering Super Skin, which patented materials on the Onyx2’s interior and orifice.

According to the manufacturer, this is their flagship model, and it has many reasons to be.

Since Onyx2 can be synced with other Kiiroo sex toys, just imagine sending and receiving signals from those other toys, touching and being touched via internet, isn’t that just magical!

10-Rings Sensation

There are 10 rings on the inside of Onyx that contract together to simulate a real-time experience, be it anal, vaginal or oral.

Kiiroo Onyx2 Review

It is made all more exciting by the sensory experience that is brought about by the 140 strokes, coupled with the Fleshlight-fitted Super Skin sleeve.

You will especially love it with any water-based lubricant.

If you climax to milking or suckling motions and you love extreme massaging contractions, what are you waiting for, go grab Kiiroo Onyx2!

Easy to clean

Once you finish your steamy session with any male masturbator sex toy, the first thing you should do is to clean it. Cleaning Kiiroo Onyx2 is incredibly easy. You just give it a fast rinse under a tap, then you shake for it to dry before giving it a few puffs from the toy cleaner and you’re good to go.

Lightweight and discreet

When I earlier told you that you can casually carry this sex toy to the washrooms for a lunch break quickie, we meant it.

Kiiroo Onyx2 is incredibly light, weighing just 2.9 pounds (this is about 1.3 Kgs) and measures only 26.3 cm long. This size makes it so portable and discreet so you don’t need to worry of revealing your hidden treasure.

Two operating modes

Kiiro Onyx Review

Yes, you read that right. Besides being automatic and interactive, this sex toy can also be operated manually.

Kiiroo comes with a touch sensitive track pad that helps you control the speed of stroking.

You can also set other control features manually, or set it to automatic mode and let your arms rest.

Components of the Kiiroo Onyx2 Package?

For starters, if you are afraid of boasting your masturbating prowess to workmates or boys out there, then you might be chewing nails wondering how you are going to ship in this new acquisition. Relax.

Onyx is delivered just like any other large office supply shipment, full in an unmarked box which can’t raise an eye. It comes protected by a garb that shields it from any damage that might be imminent while on transit.

Here are some of the items that will greet your eyes when you open the box:

  • Kiiroo Onyx2 interactive masturbator.
  • A packet of some water-based lubricant.
  • USB cable with which you will be charging your sex toy.
  • A protective end cap to help you when you open the toy.
  • A card of warranty registration.
  • An instruction manual written in multiple languages.

Getting Started With Kiiroo Onyx2 Masturbator

Once you’ve received the Kiiroo Onyx2 masturbator sex toys, it’s time to get down to business. You can go through the enclosed manual to know the do’s and don’ts of the device, and how to use it the right way.

Here are the basic steps that I followed when using my Kiiroo Onyx2 device:

  • Check the power level. The device should be fully charged. The charging of this device takes 4-6 hours.
  • Once you ascertain that it is fully charged, get ready a water-based lubricant in plenty. I emphasize on water-based because hey, don’t you want to use Kiiroo Onyx2 another time? Good, stick to water-based lubricants as silicone-based lubricants will damage your device’s interior.
  • Take the sleeve out and apply your water-based lubricant before powering on your Onyx2.
  • Use the front button to power on your Kiiroo Onyx2 and choose your preferred mode (Either automatic or manual mode). Look at the LED light below the power button to know when you switch to another model. The LED light turns purple on manual mode.
  • Once powered on, the device enters the interactive mode, and the Bluetooth connectivity mode is on. Bluetooth connectivity mode is vital for connecting your Onyx to your phone to use the interactive mode.

How to use the Kiiroo Onyx2 INTERACTIVE Mode (Step by Step)

To use the interactive mode, download and install Feel Me app on your phone, then connect the phone to for porn videos. You can as well connect it to Pornhub!

Kiiroo Onyx2 Manual Mode

Select a video of a guy naturally going through what you’d like the sex toy to offer, say a blow job.

There are hundreds of videos to choose from, but you chose that one of the guy getting a blow job, so now push your dick into it and enjoy the moment.

Have your phone positioned on a place where you can watch the action as you feel it, or get a damn VR pair of goggles.

Maybe you wanted to get intimate with your woman who lives in the other side of the ocean, all you need is to video chat her, and since Kiiroo Onyx2 is synced to her dildo, you can get down to enjoying that sensation from her, virtually!

This is possible since Kiiroo uses subtitling, a technology transmitting instruction signals on when and how the stroking should be done.

How to use MANUAL Mode (Step by Step)

Maybe you don’t want the interactive mode, you want to rule your destiny and therefore, you want to masturbate manually using Kiiroo Onyx2. Here is what you do.

Once you power it on and it is on interactive mode, press that button again to change to manual mode. The LED light should turn to purple.

Unlike the interactive mode where you are required to set, connect to a secondary device and maybe put on VR goggles, here you just push your dick into the Kiiroo Onyx2 device.​

You​ feel nothing yet? There is a touch-sensitive trackball that you can use to regulate the stroking speed. Regulate it to your preferred stroking speed then relax, enjoy the sensation.

Initially, Kiiroo Onyx2 sex toy might feel awkwardly robot-like, but this feeling dissipates with time as you master the controls then it turns out to be mind-blowing fun. You can decrease or increase the mechanical rhythm of the Kiiroo Onyx2 and cum when you desire.

Pros of Kiiroo Onyx2 Male Masturbators sex toy

  • Better pricing. With the quality and service of this beast, its price is quite reasonable.
  • Sturdy and light design.
  • The Super Skin sleeve from Fleshlight is so realistic.
  • Comes with two distinct modes, manual and interactive.
  • The syncing to Pornhub, FeelMe and other online pornographic material is just superb.
  • You can use it to get sexually intimate with your partner who is miles away.
  • Unlike its predecessor, Onyx2 is quiet.
  • Onyx2 enhances your endurance and stamina, thanks to the Fleshlight Superskin sleeve.

What I didn’t like about Kiiroo Onyx2

  • This sex toy feels robotic the first time you use it, but this feeling goes away gradually. 
  • Takes time to charge. Requires 4-6 hours of charging before it can be used.
  • Pricey.
  • There have been complains of the sex toy being under-sized (for small to medium-size dicks)

Frequently Asked Questions About Kiiroo Onyx2 Male Masturbator

Does Kiiroo Onyx2 come with a battery?

Yes, Kiiroo Onyx2 comes with a Lithium-ion Polymer battery that boasts 1000mAh.

How long does the Onyx2 battery hold, is it better than the previous version?

This sex toy can comfortably serve you for one full hour once it is fully charged. Once you buy it, ensure you fully charge it and fully deplete it so that you don’t tamper with the battery life.

How loud is Kiiroo Onyx2?

Kiiroo is quite, despite having a powerful motor. You can use it in the bathroom without raising eyebrows.

Is Kiiroo Onyx2 Manual or Automatic?

Onyx2 offers both automatic and manual mode, and you can choose the mode that you are most comfortable with. For the automatic mode, you can sync the device with porn sites like Pornhub and even incorporate VR googles to enhance your experience.

Is Kiiroo Onyx2 Portable?

Kiiroo Onyx2 weighs about 1.3 KGs and is as small as 10.4 inches long. As you can see, it is small, light and easy to carry around.


Despite a few masturbators reporting complaints on the size of the sex toy, an overwhelming majority are satisfied that this device is the best bang for the money. The stroking is heart-warming, and out of this world, it is one device that every man should have stucked somewhere in the wardrobe.

This device is reasonably price, taking into account the availability of interactive and manual modes, and the satisfaction that you will derive from using it. With Onyx2, you are likely to realize a whole new masturbation techniques that you never experienced before. Kiiroo Onyx2 is definitely worth every penny!

How to Pleasure Her like A Pro (Crazy Techniques for Men)

You don’t need to be Zeus in bed to make her see the heavens, but you can convince her you’re a decent Demi-god. But being a Titan in the sack is no easy feat. As any good Spartan knows, it takes skill, practice, and bravado to conquer all—it’s just about knowing how to wield your “sword.”

So, if you want to reach Olympian status as a great lover, follow these expert tips to pleasure her like a pro. Just be careful— when you’re that good, girls who get pierced by Cupid’s rock-hard arrow can become uncontrollably addicted. Watch out!

1. The Warmup Session

Why do women need it?

Unless she’s just a tart who wants to be mercilessly banged, the art of seduction is key to being a good lover. We’re talking about erotic, passionate maneuvers—things that girls with pickier sexual appetites love. How you feel them is everything. The idea is to get her all fired up and excited by you.

How to pleasure her like a pro

If you simply rush to giving her the old in-out, she’ll have no time to heat up, and the results will be sub-par at best. Unless she’s one of those girls who can get off like a man, at the switch of a button, you’ll need to work harder for her pleasure.

Think about it this way: would you shove a frozen turkey into an oven? No, you’d let it thaw first, then season it with love, then expose it to all that fiery hot goodness to get juiced up and yummy. Get the picture? Yes, the girl is the turkey.

But, nobody’s saying you have to do all that lovey-dovey stuff you see in the movies. That’s not the golden ticket. So, there’s no need to gaze in her eyes or any of that sappy jazz.

But a few sensual kisses on the earlobe or even an old school massage does wonders. You can even use chocolate or caramel flavored massage oils to help get her in the mood—the ladies go nuts for this stuff. You must arouse their sexual appetite

2. How to get her started

Getting her off is part intuition and part skill. You should be able to naturally respond to her oohs and yeses while knowing how to satisfy her desires. When you find your groove, as you’re making out, tickle and rub your fingers over her body, focusing your attention along her inner thighs and outer labia (the larger lips).

There are actually tons of nerve endings around the labia that feel sensational for her when rubbed. “From the outermost to the innermost part, you get increasing nerve density and increasing sensation,” says lead study author Justine Schober, M.D., director of academic research at UPMC Hamot in Pennsylvania. Doing this will get her really hot and bothered from all the teasing, building up anticipation for what’s to come.

3. Help her Focus on the Moment

It’s no secret that most girls are crazy. Beautiful, but crazy! They’ve got a million thoughts, questions and concerns running through their heads at once. And no, this whirlwind of crazy doesn’t stop for sex. It’s constant and stubborn, like a cuckoo stalker.

Unfortunately, these distractions can put a damper on her arousal level. Research shows that a woman is more likely to climax when the brain’s anxieties are literally shut off, explains Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D., author of The Truth About Sex.

So, how do you get her to focus? Surprisingly, it’s not too hard. You can actually use a few subtle physical cues to help redirect her attention. Gently hold her face in your palms as your kiss her, encouraging her to unwind and melt into the moment with you. Before you know it, the only thing she’ll notice are the sensations of your bodies jiving together… Aaaaand you’re back in the game!

4. The Power of Fingers

Guys with magic fingers make the best orgasm magicians. But to make a climax appear as your next trick, you’ll need to touch her properly. This means you should make every motion count—so no half-doing it, she needs the whole shebang!

Start by fiddling around her nether regions to see if she’s wet—if not, you didn’t do a good enough job warming her up. Back to square one, bro! If she seems ready, start by fondling her inner labia and the clit, until the area becomes nice moist and toasty.

But don’t slip in your fingers yet! Women love to be teased. Once she seems like she’ll do anything for it (poor girl), you can slowly slide in for the kill, the G-spot take over!

The G-spot is located about 2-3 inches inside the vagina, at the front wall. To narrow in on the hotspot zone, enter with two fingers and your palm facing up.

Press your fingertips against the middle of the vaginal wall and rub the area using a come-hither motion. “You’re seeking a spongy, puckered, or slightly ridged area, like the roof of your mouth,” explains Celeste Hirschman, assistant professor at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

Once you’re in there, continue to rub the area with a tender and sensual touch. Don’t just try to shove in all your digits and finger-bang her relentlessly because you saw it in some obscure porno—unless of course, she’s down for that kind of thing. Just ask first.

It can also be beneficial to use lube to make things wetter. The Adam & Eve Lube is super-slippery, providing slick strokes she’ll love! You can also use it with toys, condoms, and other items, maximizing every moment of fun.

5. Swivel Like You Mean It

Like any smooth operator, you’ve got to work on her pleasure like a skilled specialist. Even if you’ve got huge operating tools, sex still requires some level accuracy.

To get right on target, when she’s underneath, you can grab her booty to lift her and pull her onto you. This maneuver will penetrate her at the best angle to hone in on the O zone. Looks like we’ve made a successful point of contact, soldier!

Doggy style also works wonders for the G- Spot. While at it, encourage her to get onto her elbows. This simple act lifts her pelvis in a way that your main guy hits the G-spot with it thrust

Cock rings can also step up your game, making an excellent wingman in the sack. Try the BASICS Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring which features quivering rabbit ears to provide intense clitoral pleasure while you’re giving it to her (doubly explosive).

Now really, who needs Prince Charming when she’s got an expert G-Spot marksman on her radar?


Guys don’t get coined the name, “sex god” for nothing. Earn the title like a champ with these steamy tricks, overwhelming her with your Zeus-like lightning bolt… yes, show her who’s boss of the bed. Just know that we’re not responsible for any stage 9 clingers that may result from your new-found skills.

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