Hottest (Neglected) Erogenous Zones for Women to Increase Pleasure

7 Erogenous Zones for Women

Do you want to take sex to the supreme level? Locate the female erogenous zones and your sexual adventures will be unsurpassed.

When you familiarize yourself with the areas where the nerve endings are closest to her skin, sex will be even hotter. Her reaction will have you hot and horny, and she’ll lose herself in the sheer excitement you provide her with your fingers or anything else you have on hand.

Keep in mind all women are different so what arouses one won’t work for another but with communication and patience, you’ll discover where her magical orgasm button is.

Pleasure Zone 1: Her Lips

Sheril Kirshenbaum says our lips are the most exposed and underrated of all the erogenous zones.

The truth is when kissing is used as foreplay the ensuing sex is more intoxicating because it takes the participants to another level of awareness depending on its quality.

Using your lips and tongue to explore her body and find more sensual places on her generates a type of response that can only be described as electrifying.

A kiss can make or break a potential relationship. Don’t get filed under ‘bad kisser’ and friend-zoned by racing through it thinking you’ll get her in bed more quickly.

Take your time so both of you can get immersed in each other like you’re the only two people alive. If you’re not an experienced smoocher or you just need a refresher course, study the art of French kissing, so you’ll leave her wanting more of you.

Pleasure Zone 2: Her Neck 

The neck is an underutilized erogenous zone thought only to be popular with sex-crazed teenagers who mark their territory with hickeys. Most adult women don’t want you to suck their necks because it leaves marks so keep that in mind when you’re in this area.

Ideally, when you plant your warm lips on her neck, it should spark a chain reaction of goose bumps, making her shiver slightly. Make sure to remember what she likes for the next session.

Start by applying light but firm kisses along the side of her neck, then pull her hair up at the back and start caressing her nape with your lips and tongue.

If she doesn’t stop you because tickling is like torture to her, start to use a lighter kissing technique. If things go well, try nibbling the side of her neck; it’s highly erotic and to some women, it plays into the erotic and forbidden vampire domination scenario.

Pleasure Zone 3: Her Nipples

Nipple sensitivity varies among women. Some like them to be gently caressed, licked and sucked while some like them pulled, pinched hard and twisted.

According to Health Line, the sensation from stimulating nipples feels the same as the feeling of increased blood flow to her clit and vulva during heightened sexual arousal. So communicate with your partner to make sure that the methods to awaken her nipples are pleasurable whether she’s into pain or not.

Some ways to make her nipples stand erect employ the use of fingers, tongue, teeth, lips, or even the head of your penis. Try these steps to get you started.  If her nipples aren’t that sensitive, and she wants a more intense sensation leading to a nipple orgasm try this accessory, which leaves you free to move on to another area to increase her chances of indulging in mind-blowing pleasure.

Pleasure Zone 4: Her Clitoris

The gold standard in erogenous zones is, of course, the clitoris boasting eight thousand nerve endings (give or take) that sends messages to the brain that the body is in a sexually aroused state.

Have you ever heard of some women being so hyper sensitive they cum just by crossing their legs? It’s because of all those little neurotransmitters of pleasure packed into that fleshy little mound of joy.

What you see peeking out of its hood is only a quarter of how big a clitoris really is. The rest of its fleshy goddess is located inside her body.

Approach the clit gently because it’s full of nerves so don’t just start chowing down on it. Read this, so you are knowledgeable in the art of causing a female orgasm with your fingers, and so you’ll make her clitoris happy. When you’ve mastered the fingering technique, go ahead and use your mouth to bring her to the seventh heaven.

Pleasure Zone 5: Her G-spot

The G-spot is a mystery, so much so that some people think it’s a fallacy. The gynecologist who discovered it, Ernst Gräfenberg, had scientists baffled for decades because they can’t figure out where it is according to his directions so don’t feel bad if it takes you a while to find it.

Your efforts won’t go unnoticed because when this area is activated, the outcome is exhilarating orgasms, and the ability to cause female ejaculation or squirting so don’t give up!

Slip your fingers into the first one to two inches of her vagina. It’s at the top of the front vaginal wall and then between the vaginal opening and her urethra.

Make sure she takes a trip to the toilet before getting started in case she does pee, but if you’re into golden showers, you can skip that step. Be prepared for a geyser to erupt when you find it and whatever you do keep going until she tells you to stop!

Pleasure Zone 6: Her A-Spot

This female erogenous zone was discovered in 1993 by Dr. Chua Chee Ann, a Malaysian sexologist, sex therapist, and the ‘Christopher Columbus’ of the female libido.

He was looking for a way to help women overcome lubrication problems when he stumbled upon this little nugget that’s nestled near the G-spot. The doctor reports that if she is responsive to stimulating this area, her vagina will lubricate quickly, and she’ll be ready for penetration within one minute so pay attention boys!

While she’s on her back, use your fingers and follow the front wall of her vagina (facing her tummy) don’t go past the cervix (a long ‘tube’ that’s part of the uterus) because you’ll wind up back in G-spot territory.

If you have a long penis, try activating the A-spot with it or if your member is an average size go ahead and use one of these magical sex extenders. Have fun and use a combination of methods to make her shower you with orgasmic fluid.

Pleasure Zone 7: Her O-Spot

The O-spot is my personal favorite and trust me if you found the other spots, this treasure trove will be a breeze to discover. Lay her down on her back and penetrate her vagina with your fingers, and go past the A-spot.

Turn your fingers down towards the floor until they touch the spongy flesh. Start exploring around the area with your fingers and watch her for signs she’s getting into it like when her eyes flutter and roll back in her head.

Having long digits and a John Holmes sized penis is a bonus but not necessary because there are an array of erotic toys that will do the job for you like this dildo and don’t forget to buy lube to make the insertion smoother.

If your partner prefers a more organic approach and she doesn’t care about props, try this position.  Careful, though, once she tries this one out you might never get back on top again so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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